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Scooter Fans Rallied To Save Bird And Lime In Santa Monica

Customers of Bird and Lime gathered at Santa Monica City Hall to protest the possible banishment of the electric scooter startups from the beachside city.

William Alden One year ago

Elon Musk Explained His Shocking Plan To Take Tesla Private

Musk said he left a meeting "with no question that a deal with the Saudi sovereign fund could be closed." He would still need to present any plan to investors and the board.

William Alden One year ago
William Alden One year ago
William Alden One year ago

Twitter's Just Had Its Second-Worst Stock Plunge Ever

Twitter reported 335 million monthly active users for the quarter, which was fewer than Wall Street had expected.

William Alden One year ago

Tech Companies Push Back On Trump's Family Separations

“It’s heartbreaking to see the images and hear the sounds of the kids,” Tim Cook said.

Alex Kantrowitz One year ago

Spotify Reversed Its Policy And Will No Longer Punish Musicians For "Hateful" Conduct

"We don’t aim to play judge and jury," Spotify said.

William Alden One year ago

Spotify's CEO Says He Regrets How The R. Kelly Move Was Handled

One former music industry insider said Daniel Ek appeared to be backtracking on the moral stand he took this month.

William Alden One year ago

Snapchat's Stock Is Tanking

The stock fell as much as 17% after earnings missed expectations.

William Alden One year ago

Sifting Through The Hype At The Blockchain Career Fair

A product that lets you scroll through pictures of breasts was one of the few publicly available applications on display at the UC Berkeley cryptocurrency career fair.

William Alden One year ago

Palantir Had No Policy On Social Media Data Collection Prior To 2015

The secretive data analysis company had only an “ad hoc” approach to handling social media data at the same time as others, such as Cambridge Analytica, relied on dodgy methods to collect user data.

William Alden One year ago

The SEC Just Fined A Unicorn Startup For The First Time

Penalties against Zenefits and its former CEO for misleading investors show the SEC's aggressive new stance in Silicon Valley.

William Alden 2 years ago

13 Hard Words We Learned From This Uber Investor's Letter

"This unholy alliance of perfidious greed devolving rapidly into the audacity of vituperative unparalleled predatory rapacity."

William Alden 2 years ago

More Than A Thousand People Showed Up In San Francisco To Protest Against Hate Groups

Protesters gathered in San Francisco Saturday to demonstrate against right-wing groups, even as conservative activists abruptly canceled rallies planned in the city.

Leticia Miranda 2 years ago

This Saudi-Backed Fund Is Dominating Tech Investing

A $4.4 billion investment in WeWork is only the latest sign of SoftBank Vision Fund's clout in startupland.

William Alden 2 years ago

Trump Was Supposed To Be Business's Best Friend. Now They're Against Him.

"Being associated with a morally repugnant, incompetent president just doesn't really bring you much prestige."

William Alden 2 years ago

Eleven Prominent Leaders Have Now Resigned From Trump's Council

A cascade of resignations on Wednesday followed a press conference in which Trump defended white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Venessa Wong 2 years ago

One Of Uber's Largest Investors Just Sued Former CEO Travis Kalanick

Benchmark, an early investor in Uber, is suing the ride-hail giant's former CEO for allegedly increasing "his power over Uber for his own selfish ends."

Ryan Mac 2 years ago
Caroline O'Donovan 2 years ago

21 Life Lessons From A Rich Dude Who Says He Has It All Figured Out

“I’m counting the days until someone emails me and tells me this book changed their lives — and the lives of their friends and families — forever," writes Jason Calacanis. "It’s gonna happen, I’m sure of it.”

William Alden 2 years ago