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Top 10 Most Badass World Records

These records define badass. Living at the edge of the human extreme, the people behind these records are simply amazing.

  • 1. Heaviest bench press

    Heaviest bench press

    Ryan Kennelly holds this impressive record with 1075 lbs., which he lifted in 2008 (he'd broken the record four times in a row before making it up to this weight).

  • 2. Longest homerun ever hit

    Longest homerun ever hit

    One of the more contentious records in sports, current evidence points not to Mickey Mantle but Babe Ruth as the record holder, with a homer of 575 feet on June 8, 1926, at Navin Field in Detroit.

  • 3. Fastest 100 meter sprint

    Fastest 100 meter sprint

    Usain Bolt, the man who defines speed, last broke this record in 2009, with a stunning time of 9.58 seconds.

  • 4. World land speed record

    World land speed record

    The sweet-looking ThrustSSC, driven by Andy Green, set this record on October 15, 1997, with a speed of 763 mph -- and at the same time became the first car to break the sound barrier.

  • 5. Fastest time for running 1000 miles

    Fastest time for running 1000 miles

    Yiannis Kouros, aka the Running God, holds a bunch of ulta-distance world records, including the one for 1,000 miles, which he ran in 10d 10h 30min 36s.

  • 6. Most non-stop push-ups

    Most non-stop push-ups

    Minoru Yoshida is the king of this category, with a record of 10,507 in a single session [not pictured].

  • 7. Longest motorcycle jump

    Longest motorcycle jump

    With a jump of 350.98 feet in 2008, Australian rider Robbie Maddison leapt into the record books.

  • 8. Fastest speed for a man-made object

    Fastest speed for a man-made object

    In April of 1976, the Helios 2 Solar Probe reached the highest recorded speed for any manmade object ever: 157,078 miles an hour.

  • 9. Highest free fall

    Highest free fall

    This stunning record belongs to Joseph William Kittinger II, a former Air Force pilot who jumped from a helium balloon platform at a height of 102,800 feet in 1960. His record has never been broken, though many have tried, some dying in the process.

  • 10. Longest winning streak in professional sports

    Longest winning streak in professional sports

    Jahangir Khan, a Pakistani squash badass, started out a streak when he was just 17 that would last for 5 years and 555 matches -- by far the longest winning streak of any professional athlete.