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100 Things To Look Forward To @ NU

#NU2021andTransfers -- we absolutely can't wait to celebrate your arrival on campus. But until then, we wanted to provide a (incredibly partial) list of things that you can look forward to at this wonderful university. This collection of ideas is nowhere near comprehensive, and some of the best parts of Northwestern come as you define them :)

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1. Wildcat Welcome!!

2. Meeting your PA and your PA Group!!

3. Hot Cookie Bar!

4. The re-opening of Seeley G. Mudd Library

5. Munchies in your Res Hall

6. Giving Willie a high-five at a sporting event

7. Learning the New Student Dance!

8. Familiarizing yourself with Chicago's public transportation options

9. Studying at Fran's and getting late night snacks

We recommend the quesadillas

10. Sun-bathing on the Lakefill

11. Getting tons of free t-shirts, hats, and more at NU sporting events

12. Walking up the stairs to Kresge when they are #lit

13. Going swimming at the beach (North or South!)

14. Wildcat Welcome pop-up events

Free cookies, handwarmers, fanny packs, snow cones....the list goes on

15. Wearing fanny packs on Dillo Day

Or 20 to be honest...

Or 20 to be honest...

16. Going to your first Dillo Day!

17. Learning the Northwestern Fight Song

Go U Northwestern...

18. Learning Northwestern's Alma Mater

Hail to Purple, Hail to White...

19. Big Bite Night in Evanston

20. Getting Starbucks or Dunkin' in Norris Student Center

21. Going to the Art Institute, Museum of Modern Art, and so many other places in Chicago for FREE with your Wildcard

22. Snagging student discounts for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Lyric Opera concerts

23. Learning how to navigate the Technological Institute

Alternatively, getting lost and finding your way out of Tech

24. Marching through the Arch

A beloved Wildcat Welcome tradition!

A beloved Wildcat Welcome tradition!

25. Marching out of the Arch

A nostalgic senior week tradition!

26. Catching a sunrise over Lake Michigan

27. Learning NU sporting traditions

It's time to move the chain! GO U, NU

28. Watching amazing live music acts courtesy of student production groups

29. Painting a rock on the Lakefill

30. Guarding and painting THE Rock

31. Joining in the primal scream before your first finals week

32. Finding an excuse to walk alongside the Lakefill on your way to class

33. Figuring out your personal campus shortcuts

Ford Lawn? Cutting through Locy/Fisk?

34. The first warm day of Spring on campus

35. Rocking your NU gear :)


36. Morty-spotting

Maybe you'll even get to shake his hand

Maybe you'll even get to shake his hand

37. Studying in Deering Library

Kinda looks like Hogwarts

38. Waving to people you know along Sheridan road!


39. Late night food in Plex (the Foster-Walker complex)

40. NU Day at Wrigley

41. Chris Carter (the mentalist)

Classic Wildcat Welcome entertainment

42. Residential Hall formals

43. Checking out the Ba'hai Temple

It's the only one on the continent!

44. Playing a pickup game with your friends

45. Watching one of Northwestern's many a cappella groups perform

46. Going to an improv comedy show

47. Going to a student film premiere

48. Winning an intramural championship and getting a free t-shirt

49. Seeing one of many cool speakers that various student groups bring to campus

Bill Nye, Nick Offerman, Ta-nehisi Coates...

Bill Nye, Nick Offerman, Ta-nehisi Coates...

50. Petting therapy dogs during free exam relief events

51. Wearing purple every Friday for #PurpleFridays

Check out Purple Fridays Around the World this ~summer~ (@wildcatwelcome)

Check out Purple Fridays Around the World this ~summer~ (@wildcatwelcome)

52. Taking the free Intercampus shuttle to the heart of Downtown Chicago

53. Riding the L or Metra trains to get anywhere in the city

54. Taking a class that blows your mind

55. Seeing a student theater production

There are usually two or three or four shows any given weekend!

56. Joining a club to cultivate a new interest

57. Exercising your creative muscles in ARTica

An artistic haven tucked within Norris University Center!

58. Taking a nap in the Norris egg chairs

59. Visiting the Block Museum

An incredible art museum located on campus!

60. Getting your photo taken by Justin Barbin at an event

Featuring some of the 2017 Board of Directors and ~pals~
Justin Barbin Photography

Featuring some of the 2017 Board of Directors and ~pals~

61. Celebrating your first Homecoming at Northwestern!

62. Finding your favorite place to eat on-campus

63. Finding your study spot

64. Creating an amazing dining hall concoction

65. Defining what purple means to you

66. Late night food runs in downtown Evanston

67. Riding a bike, walking, or running by the Lake

68. Visiting the Chicago Botanic Gardens or the Lincoln Park Zoo for FREE

69. Playing with the butterflies at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

70. Taking a picture with Willie the Wildcat

71. Going to Six Flags Great America for FREE during Wildcat Welcome

Did someone say "no lines"????

Did someone say "no lines"????

72. Ice Skating at Norris during Winter quarter

73. Studying (or wandering) around the new Kellogg Global Hub

74. Playing frisbee, taking a nap, or studying on Deering Meadow

75. Finding your sunny spot on campus

76. Exploring different Chicago neighborhoods, like Pilsen or Wicker Park

Stayed tuned for our Chicago video!

77. Eating frozen custard from Andy's!

There's even a Wildcard discount!

There's even a Wildcard discount!

78. Finding the echo spot near Annie May Swift Hall

79. Starting your first day at Northwestern!

80. Getting a purple paw print painted on your face for game day!

81. Moving into your residence hall (with the help of Peer Advisers)!

82. Finding your way around campus...

with the help of our handy-dandy map!

83. Having a bon(d)fire at the Lakefill fire pit!

84. Attending your first lecture at Northwestern!

85. Studying abroad if that ~floats your boat~

86. Cheering on the 'Cats at a football game at Ryan Field!

87. Taking your class photo!

88. Participating in the hot-dog eating contest during the New Student Tailgate!

Yup, it's going down for real.

Yup, it's going down for real.

89. Being a part of the Wildcat Dash across Ryan Field during Wildcat Welcome!

Justin Barbin Photography

90. Meeting people at Norris! #MeetMeAtNorris

91. Connecting with a professor in a class that you’re passionate about


92. Declaring your major!

93. Meeting and making new friends!

94. Finding the Shakespeare Garden!

95. Admiring the colorful trees on the sides of Sheridan Road during the fall.

96. Taking an Insta' inside of the S.S. Bienen (the Bienen School of Music building)!

97. Norris at Night during Wildcat Welcome!


98. Taking a selfie in front of the "Bean" at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago!

99. Getting your class shirt!

100. Finding your True Northwestern!

Because your way of doing Northwestern is the best way for you :)

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