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9 Changes To Ryerson Campus This Summer

If you visited our campus sometime between the end of exams and now, you may have noticed these changes from Ryerson's summer makeover.

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1. Asiniy Iskwew Installation at Lake Devo

In Cree, Asiniy Iskwew translates to "Rock Woman" and it showcases artist Lori Blondeau's interest in rocks connected to Indigenous traditions. These photographs are adhered to the two-billion-year-old boulders that sit in Lake Devo.

2. The SLC Is Getting Revolving Doors

Gigantic heavy doors no more! That's right, the SLC is getting its very own set of revolving doors. The only downside to this is that until August 28th you can't access the SLC from the front so you'll need to go around through the Library building bridge.

3. New Bridge Decal at Church/Gould

Ryerson's rebrand has really kicked into high gear this summer. After painstakingly peeling off the last decal, it has finally been replaced with this gorgeous logo.

4. Battlefields Of My Ancestors Photo Series

Only here until August 13th, in her ongoing photographic series, Shelley Niro (Mohawk, turtle clan) documents the historic battlefields that hold significance for her people. Following the migration route of the Six Nations from upstate New York to southern Ontario she captures signs, memorials and landscapes. Find them in the flower beds along Gould St.! (Both Blondeau's and Niro's work are featured as part of the Contact Festival)

5. New Building Construction

Right across from the Engineering building you'll find the future Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex right in the middle of construction. This building is going to have classrooms, offices, be the home to several programs/departments and it's going to be a student residence! Opening Fall 2018! Click here to watch the live feed of it being built.

6. Ryerson Image Centre Canadian Facade

This may not be extremely obvious unless you take a look at the people in the black and white pictures. In April the glass that used to showcase portraits of individuals such as Albert Einstein and Muhammad Ali was changed to showcase Canadians who have helped "establish national identity through their endeavours and resilience". Today, you can find portraits from individuals such as Wayne Gretzky, Oscar Peterson, Marshall McLuhan, and more.

7. Ted Rogers' School of Management Murals

If you need your daily dose of motivation, just walk through the Ted Rogers' School of Management. They have a lot of new gorgeous murals and signs that are so clever and motivating.

9. D2L Makeover

Roberto Machado Noa / Getty Images

If you're using D2L (our online learning management system) for the first time in the Fall you probably won't even notice this but if you're in your 2nd year or up you'll soon realize that D2L has had a full makeover!

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