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Ten Of The Most Powerful Pictures Of The Ferguson Protests From "Whose Streets"

The documentary about the Ferguson protests opens today.

Whose Streets, the critically acclaimed documentary about the Ferguson, Missouri uprising that took place after the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown, hits theaters today.

1. Police address community members and press:

2. Protesters in a scene from Whose Streets:

3. A protestor is forced to the ground and detained by police:

4. Alexis Templeton at a central St. Louis protest:

5. Protesters chanting, "hands up, don't shoot:"

6. A memorial for Michael Brown Jr. in Ferguson, MO:

7. A tearful protestor fights through the crowd:

8. Activist Brittany Ferrell and crowd of protesters:

9. Two children holding up signs during a protest in Ferguson, MO:

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