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Cool Ways People Are Styling Their Safety Pins (and Why You Should Start Wearing Them Too)

You are safe (and stylish) with me

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For those who don't know, the safety pin became a major symbol of peace and acceptance after the Brexit fall out. It was a sign to show solidarity with those of different faiths, gender identities, ethnicities and disabilities that the wearer stands with them and will fight for equality. It is saying that the wearer is a safe and you will be safe with them, no matter where you are or who you are.

Leave it to to the good Brits to come up with an endearing and simply beautiful symbol of peace.

After all of the fall out from the election (and the ensuing hate crimes committed by Trump supporters) this little symbol has been affectionately adopted by Americans who stand for diversity and protection of civil liberties.

Americans are taking the symbol one step further and turning it into something stand out, individual, and even, dare I say it, fashionable. Because what's more fashionable than a beautifully inclusive and diverse society?

Here are some awesome ways you can style your safety pins for a fashionable and stylish message of peace.

However you choose to wear it...


Wear it your way. After all, there is no one way to be an accepting human. There is only your way. So whether you cover your jacket with safety pins or don only one, the message remains the same. That we are stronger, and safer, together.

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