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10 Memorable Sexy Dress Up Scenes

Every man's dream is to have his girlfriend dressed up as a nurse for a little sexy time. And it's all fun and games until she makes you start filling out forms and tells you to take a seat. Check out 10 memorable “spice it up” scenes in movies and TV. Sponsored by Whitney. Series Premiere, Thursday, Sept. 22 at 9:30/8:30c. Only on NBC.

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  • 1. Natalie Portman In "Closer"

  • 2. Ali Larter's Whipped Cream Bikini In "Varsity Blues"

  • 3. Whitney Cummings As A Sexy Nurse In "Whitney"

  • 4. Sandy's Sexy Makeover For Danny In "Grease"

  • 5. Elle Wood's Pink Bunny Costume In "Legally Blonde"

  • 6. Michelle Pfeiffer As Catwoman In "Batman Returns"

  • 7. Kristen Bell As Slave Leia In "Fanboys"

  • 8. Sean Connery In "Zardoz"

  • 9. Summer Dresses Up As Wonder Woman For Seth In "The OC"

  • 10. Angelina Jolie In "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"