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    10 Things To Fake You Care About March Madness

    You personally don't give a F about March Madness. But you're tired of explaining why it doesn't matter. We've got your back with these 10 facts to feign interest for the next few weeks.

    1. Wait...Gonzaga is not an STD?!

    2. What exactly do they win? A medal? A cup? A green jacket, #amiright?

    3. What is all this bracket talk? It's not about these things [ ].

    4. To add to the madness, the final game is on April 3rd. So it's really Marpril Madness.

    5. Everyone is secretly (and smugly) happy that Duke lost, unless you're this kid...

    6. Don't mess with New Orleans. They will choke you.

    7. When your friend won't shut up about their team losing

    8. What about the fairer sex?

    9. Mic Drop Moment: Scare people with *math*

    10. If all this went over your head...