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    Can We Guess Your Future Purpose?

    In your future career, will you be a Helper, Innovator, Creator, Analyzer, Thinker, Solver or Pioneer? Answer this quiz (feel free to take it multiple times) and the career experts at West Virginia University will help you match your "Purpose" to a career pathway (and possible future jobs). Hello, paycheck.

    1. How would you launch your epic search for the right major/career?
    2. Are you basically everyone's therapist?
    3. You work at a zoo. Would you rather be ...
    4. Are you a creative soul?
    5. In the library, we'd find you ...
    6. Would you lead a debate team?
    7. Do you just want to tear things apart (and invent cool new things) forever?
    8. You work on the set of a movie. What's your job?
    9. Pick a business to run.
    10. What would you do in your free time?
    11. Who are you on the pirate ship of life?
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