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    7 WVU-Themed Elf On The Shelf Ideas

    Mountaineer parents! We know how stressful the holidays are for you. The cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping … it’s never-ending. So we definitely don’t blame you for forgetting to move your elf once or twice (or more) … we won’t judge. 😂 We’re here to help you with some inspiration. Here are seven WVU-themed Elf on the Shelf ideas that will surprise and delight your kids throughout the holidays.

    1. WVU-O-Meter

    Get your family in the WVU spirit with the WVU-O-Meter, a perfect way to make sure your kids will never turn into a Pitt fan. It's rather simple: complete three WVU-related tasks throughout the day and move up the WVU-O-Meter with every accomplished task. To download the printable materials and directions, visit

    2. Reading "Musket's Big Adventure"

    All you'll need is "Musket's Big Adventure" ( and a few of your kid's favorite toys.

    And if you're feeling lazy, maybe your Elf is just learning to read and may take two days to complete the book. 😏

    3. Getting ready for the big game

    Here's an idea for the Dec. 8 WVU basketball game against Pitt ... all you'll need is a tiny bowl, some popcorn, a remote and some WVU basketball highlights (check for some good YouTube videos)!

    Step it up a notch by dressing the Elf in the Mountaineer Mascot costume, too.

    4. Dress up as the Mountaineer Mascot

    It doesn't get much more Mountaineer than this! All you'll need to do is print out our design and attach it neatly to your Elf using some double-side tape. To download the design, visit .

    Tip: You can wrap the design around the Elf, as well, and tape the edges at the back of the elf. It will look much more realistic this way.

    5. Stuck in a WVU-themed present

    This one's easy ... as long as you can grab some WVU wrapping paper ( -and- also sold in stores in many West Virginia Walmart locations) and some tissue paper. Gold and blue will do the job, too!

    6. WVU in M&Ms

    Grab a bag of M&Ms, pull out the yellows and the blues and make a fun scene ... whether it's the "Flying WV," WVU or anything else.

    If you want to take this a step further, you could do the same thing in the snow (flour/sugar combination), too.

    7. Petting Musket

    Musket isn't just the Mountaineer's best friend ... he can be your Elf's BFF, too! This is the easiest idea of the bunch as long as you have a plush Musket toy (

    If you want it to take a step further, on a white board or note pad write, "Help me find my friend Musket!" You can play a quick game of hide and seek with your kids to make sure the Elf and Musket are back together again.

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