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13 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Moving To Australia

Strewth, it's a different world down there. Make the transition easier by following these simple tips – and by opening a bank account with Westpac before you arrive!

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1. Start conditioning your taste buds so you don't gag when you eat Vegemite.

Ease yourself into things by adding just a pinch to every meal.

2. Fill your apartment with heaters and crank them up to HIGH.


In case you didn't know, Australia gets hot. Proper hot.

3. While you're at it, stock up on sunscreen, a hat, and some UV-resistant clothing.

You don't want to be that guy wearing a "white singlet" all summer. That skin of yours won't protect itself!

4. Brush up on your Australian slang.

Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

You thought people spoke English Down Under? Bloody oath, are you in for a surprise.

5. If in doubt, just shorten everything.


6. Remember, these are called "thongs".


Also, soccer, not football.

7. Get accustomed to sand by sprinkling it over all your belongings.

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Sand is like the glitter of Australia. Beautiful, but no matter how careful you are you'll still end up finding the little grainy buggers everywhere.

8. Forget everything you thought you knew about coffee.

This is a flat white. Welcome to your new life as a coffee snob.

This is a flat white. Welcome to your new life as a coffee snob.

9. Oh and on that note, you'd better bid your goodbye to tea runs.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

Try not to be sad. Remember, you're a coffee drinker now!

10. Work out what your Aussie name is and reintroduce yourself to your family and friends.


If you get stuck, just add an "O".

11. Stock up on ~fancy~ cooler bags and stubby holders.


And get excited for restaurants that let you BYO alcohol.

12. Desensitise yourself to bugs and spiders by exposing yourself to them whenever possible.


Then by the time you arrive, you won't even flinch when a cockroach scurries over your face. BTW did we mention ours fly?!

13. Get used to calling everyone "mate".

Louise Khong / BuzzFeed

Whether you love them, hate them, or have never met them is irrelevant.

And the one thing that's sure to help make the move to Australia easier? Opening a bank account with Westpac before you arrive!