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Living In Australia: Expectation Vs Reality

"What do you mean I can't have a pet koala?!" Prepare yourself for the move Down Under by opening a Westpac Australia bank account before you arrive.

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Reality: How boring... Australia has a public transport system too. But you can't really complain when it looks like this:

Reality: After one summer and some unfortunate tan lines, you'll remember you like having skin and also the ability to make facial expressions without feeling pain.

Plus, in a lot of the big cities, it's not actually hot year-round.

Reality: Thanks to Australia's cultural diversity, we eat food from around the world every day, and "Australian cuisine" is actually quite hard to define. It's a real culinary melting pot (GET IT?!).

Reality: Some inner-city suburbs are equally – if not more – popular to live in. What they lack in sand they make up for in ~culture~.

For some things, you'll just have to wait until you get there. But with Westpac, you can make the adjustment easier by opening up a bank account before you arrive.

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