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11 GIFs Of People Who Are About To Lose It

They. Just. Can't. Some things just push you over the edge — especially misplacing your wallet. Avoid ending up like these people with Westpac Emergency Cash.

1. Everybody in this GIF, whose hard work just went to waste:

2. This girl who'll never use a curler again:

3. This poor woman who needs a new boyfriend:

4. This person, who just wanted to start the day off right:

5. This man, when he realises the difference between a boat and a vacuum cleaner:

6. This guy, who just had the best part of his day sabotaged:

7. This gentleman who has fallen victim to Golf Rage:

8. Everyone who is using this escalator correctly:

9. This kid who just realised what growing up really feels like:

10. This artist who just lost days of his life:

11. And the victim of this absolute atrocity: