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16 Beautiful Photos That Prove The West Coast Is The Best Coast

From top to bottom, the US boasts a breathtaking West Coast. Fly with WestJest to surround yourself in the breathtaking sights.

1. πŸ“ Laguna Beach

2. πŸ“ Point Loma, San Diego

3. πŸ“ Napa Valley

4. πŸ“ Big Sur

5. πŸ“ Yosemite National Park

6. πŸ“ Palm Springs

7. πŸ“ San Francisco

8. πŸ“ San Francisco (AGAIN)

9. πŸ“ Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles

10. πŸ“ Santa Barbara

11. πŸ“ Newport Beach

12. πŸ“ San Jose

13. πŸ“ Natural Bridges State Beach

14. πŸ“ Death Valley National Park

15. πŸ“ Lake Tahoe

16. πŸ“ La Jolla

It's no coincidence that West Coast and Best Coast rhyme. Get your bags packed, your plans set, and see it for yourself with WestJet.