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11 Best Musical Artists / Groups

This is a list of 11 of my musical artists / groups. No specific genre, simply pure enjoyment.

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11. Linkin Park

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This American rock band was one of the first groups I would come to recognize by their one of a kind style. Their most memorable songs still remind me of my days in middle school; "Numb" and "What I've Done" being two of the oldest songs on my playlist. Their ability to walk the line between a hard rock beat and a slow ballad makes them one of the most unique bands out there.

10. Backstreet Boys

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Yes that's correct, the Backstreet Boys are in my top bands. Their ability to sing with such emotion and precision is matched by few other artists. By listening to their music before many band competitions, the memories of me and my friends that accompany their songs are priceless. From "I Want It That Way" to "As Long As You Love Me" Backstreet's boys will have you tearing up all the way.

9. Queen


If you have heard "Bohemian Rhapsody" then you know exactly why Queen deserves a spot on this list. This song alone features one of the most iconic ballads, an operatic portion, and a hard rock outro. Being able to preform so many different styles makes Queen one of the most dynamic groups in the history of music. No matter your musical preference, there is definitely a Queen song you can enjoy.

8. Billy Joel

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Arguably one of the most talented artists of all time, Billy Joel has a special place in my playlist. The catchy lyrics of "The Longest Time" and the heartfelt chords of "Piano Man" make it impossible to resist the urge to sing along to when his songs begin to play. His ability to simultaneously play the piano and sing gives him a permanent spot in the history of music.

7. Maroon 5


The immortal band led by the one and only Adam Levine is responsible for countless hits that have taken control of our radios for close to ten years now. Whether you have been driving down the road or shopping in a store, a Maroon 5 song has most likely crossed your path at some point. Unrivaled vocal range and almost a decade of hits such as "She Will Be Loved" separate Maroon 5 from any other modern day band.


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As if one boy band wasn't enough, *NSYNC earns the sixth spot on my countdown. Whether it is because the only album I had on my first iPod was Celebrity, or that Justin Timberlake was a member of the powerful quintet, *NSYNC is without a doubt a staple in my playlist. Delivering a musical experience unlike any other, *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me" cannot be defeated as two of the best boy band songs ever created.

5. Pentatonix


One of less popular groups on my playlist is an a cappella group consisting of five vocalists. While of a majority of their music is a cover of other artist's work, they stand out due to their ability to create unique music unlike anybody else. Unknowing of the fact they are an a cappella group, it is easy to believe you are listening to an array of instruments (piano, drums, etc.) rather than five voices. Being the most unique musical group I know, they land in my top five.

4. Logic


Unknown by many, this young rapper stands out from many others in the hip-hop industry. Often rapping about his struggles in life, after listening to his bars one feels as if they have a true sense of who this man is. Many of his songs remind me of my senior year in high school when I first discovered his music. "Under Pressure" specifically reminds me of walking through the halls and seeing many of my old friends. Along with the depth of his lyrics, quick tempos put him near the top of my list.

3. Lil Wayne


Sometimes referred to as "The King of Rap," Lil Wayne is arguably the greatest rapper of all time. Whether or not you are a fan of rap music, Lil Wayne is a name you have heard at some point. Through many great albums and collaborations with almost every other big name rapper, he has risen to the top of the Billboard charts multiple times throughout his career. Songs from "Right Above It" to "Mirror" show how diverse Lil Wayne can be through his music.

2. Coldplay


Coldplay is another band that has been creating masterpieces throughout my life. Truly defining the alternative music genre, Coldplay has adopted many styles which separate them as one of the best bands in the world. "Viva La Vida" was one of the bands biggest songs and is my favorite song due to its layered string section accompanied by a piano and a pounding timpani. Creations like this put Coldplay in my number 2 spot.

1. Drake


The Toronto native, Aubrey "Drake" Graham, has become one of the world's biggest artists since his start with his 2007 mixtape, Room For Improvement. Since then, he has created countless hits and is credited for some of the world's most popular hip-hop and rap songs. My personal connection with his music is deep, given that I have been listening to him for almost 10 years now, and many of his older songs such as "Headlines" bring back memories from my past. Nowadays, almost every song he touches turns to gold, and the hits continue to be produced. Given all this, Drake earns the spot as my favorite artist of all time.

Do you agree with any of the artists / groups above? If so, let me know your favorite songs by these artist! If not, tell me who I should add to my list in the comments below.

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