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19 Reasons Teens Are THE WORST

The worst! Just a friendly reminder, courtesy of We're the Millers, on Blu-ray or Digital HD.

1. They're terrible drivers.

2. They're terrible at growing facial hair.

3. Their music is too loud.

4. They think they're invincible.

5. They're mean.

6. They just discovered this book and it's, like, really speaking to them.

7. They think black and white photography is automatically artsy.

8. They're terrifying in large groups.

9. They're terrifying when alone.

10. Their poetry is terrible.

11. Their hair is terrible.

12. Their goth phase.

13. Their reggae phase.

14. They're our future.

15. They use the phrase "could care less" instead of "couldn't care less."

16. They really couldn't care less.

17. They put tons of energy into being lazy.


19. They'll always be younger than you.