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The Sims 4 May Be Coming Out With A Laundry Pack And Some Of Us Aren't Feeling It

I mean... I'm already avoiding to do my laundry in real life, do I really need to be reminded of them?

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So, a week or so ago. SimGuruGraham posted this on The Sims website.

TLDR; Now, we have a say into what gets made into new stuff packs, and this is all very exciting, right? All of the possibilities...

But then, guess what?

Eco-living stuff won. The pack that's going to involve laundry.


And of course, people took their feelings off to Twitter to express it.

EA: Here we've got a few Stuff Pack ideas for the future. Vote for your.... Sims Community: LAUNDRY!

@Moza_jf I hate it in real life *looks at massive laundry pile waiting to be folded* but I like making my Sims do normal household stuff.

The hype over laundry is scary.... I mean, I have actual laundry I'm avoiding....🤔

The voting process by the community is currently in phase two, so if you want a say into what kind of laundry we get to do, vote here. (Just kidding, it's about art styles)

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