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    How To Create A Family Photo Wall

    A picture speaks 1000 words. In this day and age this has never rang more true. Individuals documenting every single part of their lives with their phones or cameras constantly surround us.

    While technology may have progressed and allowed us to more easily capture candid and precious moments. The desire to display your most treasured photographic memories has not changed. So, how can you incorporate these precious memories into your own family home? Well, it's quite simple. Simply create a family photo wall with all of your most treasured memories.

    There are several ways you can go about doing. First of all, you can actually hire a designer to help you best utilize the wall space that you have, to make your pictures into a work of art. This option may be a little bit more costly. But in the end it can save you from winding up with messy array wall of crooked hanging pictures with frames that neither match nor truly do your precious moments justice. And designer will be able to capture your vision and help bring it to life in the most stunning of ways.

    However, if you are a strong do-it-yourself advocate, creating a family photo wall doesn't necessarily have to be difficult. It just takes a well-thought-out plan in order to best implement the design that you want. There are several ideas already out there, which you can use as inspiration for a family photo wall. From using photos in large picture frames hung in an asymmetrical manner, to covering an entire wall with different candid shots, to using your photos as an actual design on the wall. Your options are seemingly endless.

    There are a few things to keep in mind before hanging your pictures. For instance, do you want to use this as a design on your wall, or do you want to simply neatly and efficiently display some of your most favorite pictures. Regardless of what you decide, another thing to keep in mind is the ease of transition. By this we mean, how easy will it be for you to switch out pictures as new favorite memories come along. This is an important thing to keep in the back of your mind while designing your wall.

    Another thing to think about is what type of background are you using for your family photo wall. For instance, if you are using a white wall this essentially acts as a blank canvas. Making it easy to incorporate almost any kind of frame or design on the wall that you want. However, let's say you have a background such as a faux brick panels. This will limit your options as far as what type of frames or design you can use. However, even when having a background such as a faux brick panel it doesn't mean that you can't make it eye-catching. Just simply use the full brick panel as your statement piece and the pictures as your accent pieces. This will help them to pop off the wall while giving them a cool background to hang upon.

    No matter what type of design you end up using to make your family photo wall. By simply creating a family photo wall you can enjoy and share some of your most precious memories with your family and friends.