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Famous Quotes From Famous Chickens

Presidents and worldly leaders aren't the only ones who inspire us or teach us life lessons. Chickens do it too! Here's what we've learned from a few of the most famous birds in history, and for more life lessons, consult the Wendy's Motivational Chicken.

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1. Wendy's Motivational Chicken

The Wendy's Motivational Chicken encourages us to do away with the the mundane or conventional — because life is better when it's spicy, and when we're enjoying ourselves! For tips on living life to the fullest (from the specialist himself), click here.

2. Chicken Little

People thought Chicken Little was crazy because he always thought bad things were going to happen. But then he was the only one to notice aliens were about to invade, and he taught us that it's only overreacting when you're wrong.

3. The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen wanted to make something of herself and bake some bread, but none of her friends felt like helping. So she did it all by herself! She conveyed to kids the importance of working hard, and reminded adults you really can't count on anyone.

4. Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn liked the prank-filled friendship he had with The Barnyard Dog, even though most of the time he was deemed "the loser" of a gag. But he knew you shouldn't dish it out if you can't take it.

5. Camilla The Chicken

Camilla was madly in love with Gonzo, even though sometimes he chased after other chickens. He claimed it was because all chickens looked alike to him, but Camilla stayed with him anyway. You love who you love, you know?

6. Super Chicken

Super Chicken was never afraid to make a daring rescue. But Fred the Lion was always a little bit intimidated, and Super Chicken would have to remind him that risk was part of their job! Kids took it as an endorsement to keep doing flips onto couch pillows.

7. Gyro Gearloose

Gyro Gearloose knew he was a talented inventor even when his products didn't work correctly. He was always coming up with newer and better ideas, and he showed us how to focus on doing better in the future instead of dwelling on a mistake.

8. Cheap Cheap Chicken

And last but not least, Cheap Cheap Chicken appeared in the Sony Playstation video game, Parappa The Rapper, and she explained how hobbies (like cooking!) are great for relieving stress. This might mean Emeril LaGasse is doing it wrong.