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Wendy's And The "AM To DM" Boys Found The Most Extra College Football Tailgates In The Country

Inspired by Wendy's, AM to DM's Isaac and Saeed set out on a road trip to a bunch of colleges to see how they make the most of their football tailgates!

Using the hashtag #MakingTheMostOf, the AM to DM boys wanted to create a Twitter travel show to tour the country.

And what better way to show what this country has to offer than by checking out the best college football tailgates all over the US?

Since they partnered with Wendy's, these tailgates were a little different. For example: pong in giant Frosty® cups!

And whenever they ran low on energy, Wendy's brought food right to their door. (Well, technically they also brought the door.)

With that, Isaac and Saeed set out in the Wendy's food truck, which Saeed affectionately named "Pearl," to see the how people make the most out of their college tailgates.

First, the guys traveled to Austin, Texas, where — shockingly — college football is very popular. ;)

This wasn't just any ol' Texas tailgate, though. This one meant more to the community than just football and fun, as it was also a part of the school's black alumni weekend.

Once the boys made their way to New Orleans, Louisiana, they discovered that NOLA was more ways than one.

In fact, the heat gets partial credit for starting NOLA's tradition of all-day tailgating.

Although NOLA has been at the tailgating game for a while, Saeed seemed to be able to hold his own in pong.

Farther west, Ann Arbor, Michigan, does tailgating just about how you'd expect — but with a little added heart.

That's because this game-day tailgate offers drinks with an uplifting ulterior motive.

Finally, they made it to West Virginia, where the mid-Atlantic weather had everyone around the stadium bundled up but no less stoked for the game.

Luckily, the boys had their food truck Pearl to keep them warm.

While waiting for the game, the two spoke with one excited fan named Eric Jordan who runs a camp called the Norman Jordan African American Arts and Heritage Academy.

All in all, the AM to DM guys made the most of each college tailgate by having a good time with good people and engaging with the community!

Follow the rest of their adventures on Twitter.

And then who knows? Maybe try your own hand at Frosty® pong.