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12 Tweets That Hit A Little Too Close To Home If You’re Hungry

Strangers on social media know that feeling. Close the laptop and tweet — uh, treat — yourself to a 4 for $4 Meal, only at Wendy's.


Currently hangry. My hanger mgmnt class says my hanger & my hangxiety run on the same mental track. Exploring my "fight or bite" triggers.


Sometimes I feel so sad and it seems like there is no way out and I will probably feel like this forever and then I eat a snack


What part of "smother it in ranch dressing" didn't you understand?



can i booty call someone to make me breakfast or nah?


Every time I see "Oscar Noms" I get hungry. #lunchtime #feedme #FML #feedmelunch


I feel most comfortable when I'm with carbs.


Existential crisis or hungry? Stay tuned.


When someone's telling a story and you tryna look interested but really you jus thinking bout what you gon eat later

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I need a boyfriend who can handle my appetite because I'm always hungry and craving something and you need to keep up 😭


we have now reached the point in the day where i devour everything within reach


Stopped eating my feelings because tears have too much sodium.

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Don't just tweet about your need to feed. Go and actually feed. Grab the 4 for $4 Meal with a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, 4-piece nuggets, a small fry, and a small drink at Wendy's.