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11 Things All Sriracha Lovers Know To Be True

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1. You feel sorry for people who think ketchup is the most important condiment.

2. Because Sriracha tastes good on literally everything.

3. And you carry Sriracha around with you for that exact reason.

4. You've eaten Sriracha by itself. Because, obviously.

5. You don't identify as a Sriracha fan — you identify as a Sriracha evangelist.

6. It physically pains you to see any amount of Sriracha go to waste.

7. After years of painstaking research, you still don't have an answer to the question "how much Sriracha is too much Sriracha?"

8. And you regularly ponder philosophical questions like, "If a meal is served and no Sriracha is around to flavor it, does it even have a taste?"

9. Sometimes just seeing the bright Sriracha red makes you start salivating.

10. You don't take people who have other hot sauce preferences seriously.

11. You know that variety isn't the spice of life — Sriracha is.

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