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11 Back-To-School Moments Every Canadian Parent Dreads

Getting ready for the school year is never easy. Luckily, packing Welch's Fruit Snacks always is.

1. Giving your kids "the talk."

2. Getting your kids to try on new clothes and shoes you know they'll outgrow by winter break.

3. Buying all of the supplies on the supply list, even though there's no way they're all necessary.

4. Going to the store the day before school starts to pick up that one last thing on the supply list that you've been putting off buying all summer.

5. Realizing you accidentally bought pencils and crayons instead of the pencil crayons the supply list calls for.

6. Setting your alarm for *shudders* school-year wake-up time.

7. Coordinating everyone's shower schedules.

8. Preparing breakfast AND lunch AT THE SAME TIME.

9. Waiting on the other kids in the carpool to get themselves ready and out the door when you're already running late.

10. The moment after returning home from dropping the kids off at school when the quiet consumes you.

11. When the celebratory dancing soreness sets in.

Thanks to Welch's Fruit Snacks, there's at least one moment you won't have to dread — and that's figuring out what to pack for a snack.