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10 Dessert Pairings For Every Emotion

Make your feelings have feelings. Weight Watchers knows that making the right choice is hard — here's the perfect dessert to perfectly indulge your feelings.

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1. Feeling Happy? / Via

Easily identified by the smile on your face, happiness is best paired with birthday cake. Prolong the feeling by writing a name on the cake and sharing with friends.

2. Feeling Nostalgic?


Sharpen the flavor of memories past by having a s'more. Best if eaten in the dark while squinting at a candle pretending to be back at summer camp.

3. Feeling Bored?

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Nothing complements boredom like the one-note flavor of vanilla soft-serve. Best if served in a bland waffle cone while you stare blankly at a wall.

4. Feeling Blessed?


A heavenly slice of angel food cake — topped with strawberry slices and whipped cream — enhances that feeling that you don't need nor want for anything.

5. Feeling Afraid?

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The perfect pairing with fear is Jell-O. This floppy concoction works to fill you up while not giving away your hiding space.

6. Feeling Frustrated?

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Taste the hidden flavors of irritation with salt water taffy. As it gets stuck to your teeth and you struggle to chew it, the frustration will build until you give up altogether.

7. Feeling Sad?

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Take your sadness to the next level by indulging in the saddest dessert: flan. Flan could have been crème brûlée, but it was too sad to make the transformation.

8. Feeling Angry?

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Speaking of crème brûlée, it's the perfect thing to reach for when angry. Equip yourself with a spoon, and aggressively tap the sugar and destroy your dessert.

9. Feeling Sensual?


Nothing says mmm hhhhhmmmmmm like a chocolate-dipped strawberry. Steam it up with each berry you carefully dip in the warm, fudgy chocolate.

10. Feeling Lazy?


Exude no effort with a donut. Pro tip: the smaller, the better. You can fit the entire thing in your mouth at once, therefore using less mouth muscles.

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