The Fitness Fads We’re Glad Time Forgot

Sure these ideas seemed pretty smart at the time…but time, and common sense, have not been kind. Looking for a smart, proven way to start losing quickly? Check out Weight Watchers new Simple Start Plan .

1. Fitness fads have taken many shapes over the decades. First we had the jigglers…

Everett Collection / Shutterstock

2. …the stretchers…

Getty Images / FPG

3. …and the zappers! Yikes.

Keystone / Getty Images

4. In the 1970s and ’80s, we joined in on group exercise like Jazzercise and aerobics of all kinds.

5. We worked out with our partners:


6. And donned some far-from-comfortable attire to do it all:

High-waisted undies to jump around in? No thank you!

7. The ’90s brought on the age of the strange contraption. For your thighs…

8. …your abs…

Begin2Dig / CC / Via

9. …or your derrière:

10. These days, fitness fads still pop up here and there:

Shakeweight /

11. But hey, if you’re having fun, why not?

Ale Diaz / CC / Via

And if it’s helping you lose weight, even better!

12. As long as you do it the right way, that is.

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