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11 Moments When A Little Help Goes A Long Way

Party of two, please. Weight Watchers knows that life is full of moments when a little support from someone who "gets it" makes all the difference.

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1. A Horrible Date / Via

You have so much in common, yet the person sitting across from you can't stop telling horrible jokes and being rude to the waiter. Fingers crossed your friend texts you with an excuse to peace out.

2. A Flat Tire


You told yourself to learn how to do this, and you even bought the tools, but for some reason, as you struggle, this stuuuppiiddd thhhiinnggg wooonn't budge. Right about now, you need a car service, a tow truck, or a dude with a skateboard.

3. Late-Night Hunger / Via

It's super late, and you're awake and starving. You need words of wisdom to keep you from attacking your fridge and eating some concoction of leftovers that will result in heartburn and insomnia.

4. Too Much Baby Talk


You can't remember the last time you talked about something other than spit-up. Your sister better answer the phone and tell you all about her latest attempt at DIY cake art ASAP.

5. Grocery Shopping Survival

Why does it feel like a game show? So many choices and endless aisles, it's all just overwhelming. You need a teammate that can help you game plan the easiest way in and out with as few surprise purchases as possible.

6. And Then Getting It All Home

Hughes Entertainment / Via

You went in looking for a few things, then found all the other things that you forgot you needed. If only a hero could just come and take one, maybe two of these bags...

7. Starting a New Job


What’s the lunch sitch? Who's the office gossip? It's just so much less stressful when someone gives you the lowdown before your first day.

8. The Ultimate Back Itch


It's just out of reach. A friend better walk through that door and scratch right... no no up... little to the left... smidgen down... almost... just a little more... yep, right there.

9. When Hunger Meets Anger


Your home-cooked lunch is sitting on the counter at home while you run from meeting to meeting with no time to breathe. A magical office angel better appear with some advice on how to keep this hunger from turning into hanger.

10. Getting Your Fitness On


Last year, your resolution was to get in shape, same as the year before that, and the year before that... but the gym just feels so far away. You need a workout buddy that will push you to make it through the door.

11. Handling the Party Food Aftermath


The party was great, and now everyone's gone, and they left all the extra treats. If only it were October and you were about to be bombarded by neighborhood kids demanding candy.

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