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10 Small Ways To Become A Better Person Right Now

Bad habits die hard, even on social media. But don’t worry: These little changes are totally doable. Just like the Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan. You’re not stuck. Change is possible.

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4. Give your mom a break next time she comment-bombs every photo on your Facebook.

Parents were put on earth to embarrass us; it’s kind of cute when you think about it. A tiny bit cute? OK, it’s horrible, but hey — your mom had to put up with you as a kid, so she deserves some slack.

6. Take a break from obsessively curating your wedding Pinterest board.


It’s freaking your boyfriend out, and don’t worry: Those mason jar centerpieces will still be out there for you to find when the time comes.

7. Tap the brakes on all those selfies. Maybe? Just a little? OK, maybe just one a week.

There will come a day when we realize the path to a better world is paved with untaken selfies — you can help make that dream come true.

8. Try not to subtweet your co-workers so often.


Chances are you’re making everyone in your office paranoid and really not making any friends. The world will be the same without your passive-aggressive venting.

9. Check the date before you share that cool meme you just discovered.

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Why yes, as a matter of fact I HAVE heard of that silly dancing baby GIF. And that cat with a frown on its face too, actually. Thanks!

10. And always remember to think twice before committing crimes of Instagram cliché.

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Some reports indicate that 45% of Instagram photos are of nice sunsets people saw last summer. Think before you add to the pile!