10 Small Ways To Become A Better Person Right Now

Bad habits die hard, even on social media. But don’t worry: These little changes are totally doable. Just like the Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan. You’re not stuck. Change is possible.

1. Stay away from your ex's Facebook.

Resistance is futile, yes. But remember: Nothing good will ever come out of this!

2. Enjoy your meals without worrying about #which #hashtags #to #use on Instagram.


#no #one #cares #it #wont #getyou #thatmanyfollowers #trustus #itsgettingcold

3. Stop it with the boring Vines of your cat.

She’s so cute when she’s sleeping, but surely there are better things out there to share. No? OK fine, go ahead.

4. Give your mom a break next time she comment-bombs every photo on your Facebook.

Parents were put on earth to embarrass us; it’s kind of cute when you think about it. A tiny bit cute? OK, it’s horrible, but hey — your mom had to put up with you as a kid, so she deserves some slack.

5. Put an end to humblebrag tweets, once and for all.


There is no such thing as a brag that is humble, but how will the world know how great you are if you don’t share it?

6. Take a break from obsessively curating your wedding Pinterest board.


It’s freaking your boyfriend out, and don’t worry: Those mason jar centerpieces will still be out there for you to find when the time comes.

7. Tap the brakes on all those selfies. Maybe? Just a little? OK, maybe just one a week.

There will come a day when we realize the path to a better world is paved with untaken selfies — you can help make that dream come true.

8. Try not to subtweet your co-workers so often.


Chances are you’re making everyone in your office paranoid and really not making any friends. The world will be the same without your passive-aggressive venting.

9. Check the date before you share that cool meme you just discovered.

20th Century Fox Television / Ally McBeal / ifindkarma.tumblr.com

Why yes, as a matter of fact I HAVE heard of that silly dancing baby GIF. And that cat with a frown on its face too, actually. Thanks!

10. And always remember to think twice before committing crimes of Instagram cliché.

BuzzFeed / instagram.com

Some reports indicate that 45% of Instagram photos are of nice sunsets people saw last summer. Think before you add to the pile!

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