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Paid PostJun 4, 2015

18 Signs That You're Not A Morning Person

"But Mum, I don't want to go to school yet..."

1. While some people wake up raring to go, you're more like:

2. And if someone tries to wake you up before you're ready, this:

3. In fact, this is pretty much your face between 7am and 10am:

4. The crack of light through your curtains practically hurts.

Channel 4 / Via

The light! It burns!

5. When you wake up with a minute to go until the alarm goes off, you feel like this:


6. And when your alarm actually goes off, you imagine doing this:

Sony Pictures/ Marvel Studios / Via

7. You can't get out of bed with less than five alarms.


8. Because you'd do ANYTHING to cling on to bed for a few more minutes.

9. Sometimes you even wash yourself with wet wipes to save time.

10. You can't work out why your housemates have to be so loud every morning.

11. And as much as you love your pet, when they do this before 7am... do this.

NBC / Via

12. You've seriously considered going to bed in your clothes to save time in the morning. / Via

And, lets be honest, you've tried it once or twice before.

13. This is you on days you've been forced to get up extra early:

14. In fact, you strongly distrust anyone who wakes up in a good mood.

JennaMarbles/ / Via

Because what's good about mornings?!

15. You try catching a quick nap on your packed train. / Via

If it has to be next to the armpit of a sweaty stranger then so be it.

16. You don't understand the whole "early bird gets the worm" analogy.


Because the worm that stayed in bed actually lived.

17. You think that anyone who starts cheery conversations before 10am should be forced to leave.

18. You've agreed with at least 10 of these points.

Walt Disney / Via

There's a word for people who hate mornings – and it's beautiful:

BuzzFeed / ShutterStock

Dysania means you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

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