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My Leadership Philosophy

J. Webster LDR 2010

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What is it to me?


Before i started this class i always just thought of a leader as the one who always took charge in a group setting and told us what to do. But after the first class meeting i immediately had a different perspective. My philosophy of leadership is treat others as equal. If you are in an leadership position you should never think you are better than the individuals around you. I believe if you respect your peers and treat everyone as equal you will have a positive atmosphere to lead in.

My Core Values:


Every great leader needs to have core values that make them unique from other leaders. Thats what makes you stick out from others. These are the people who make the biggest differences. My core values include:

Integrity: Always be honest with others & most importantly yourself.

Respect: Treat everyone equal. You are always going to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. Treat them the way you would want to be treated.

Accountability: It is important to always commit to something that you say you are going to do. But also giving it your all with whatever you set out to do.

Caring: Treat everyone with kindness. You never know what someone else is going through or how you can make a positive influence on their life. Just always be kind!!

My Takeaways From Leadership Fundamentals

After this course I had many moments when i was like "holy crap, i would have never thought of that". Now I am going to share with you some of these moments.

Leaders are neither born or made


This was one of our first discussions in leadership fundamentals. After discussion about this with other classmates and thinking about great leaders in history i think there are many components of being a good leader. Yes, there might be some traits that leaders should be born with. However if you have a good mentor and good ethics, anyone has the ability to be a successful leader. For example, MLK did not know when he was a young boy that he was going to be one of the greatest leaders in American history. But his experiences and values made him an amazing leader.

Make sure you understand your strengths and weaknesses


Everyone has strength and weaknesses. It is is important to understand how to thrive with your strengths and make your weaknesses in something that you are proud of. Don't let one weakness ever hold you back from succeeding.

Being a follower isn't a bad thing


I always thought being a follower was just being a "copy cat". After taking this class it made me realize for you to be a leader you also have to be a follower. If you don't ever get up and do it, no one ever will.

Don't be scared of change. Change is usually a good thing.


People get scared of change because it is something that they are not used to. Change is usually a positive thing. Our world is changing drastically and if you aren't able to adapt to the changes you are going to get left in the dust.

Thrive with the people around you.


You never have to take on a task alone. Especially when you are working in a group. Learn how to work well together. If you never use the people around you, you will not be a successful leader. I really learned this with our Olive Garden presentation.

My Commitment


I just ended my junior year at the University of South Florida. My major is healthcare management so i hope to one day be in a leadership role in a hospital or medical group. I hope to lead with all of my values and takeaways from this class. Leadership fundamentals broadened my horizons regarding leadership. It made me think of ideas and concepts that i would have not thought about without this class. This class brought me skills and knowledge to make me a successful leader in the future.

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