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15 Grill Recipes That Will Take You Straight To Meat Heaven

Summer can't come soon enough. Bring heavenly flavors to your grill this summer with Weber Sauces and Seasonings.

1. This brie-stuffed burger with bacon and roasted corn is the perfect way to break in your grill for summer:

Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest / / Via

Meat heaven looks delicious and cheesy. Get the recipe.

2. Or you could kick off grilling season with this leg of lamb steak:

Courtesy of Taste With the Eyes /

Hello, handsome. Get the recipe.

3. Try this delicious grilled seafood paella when you can't decide between chorizo and seafood:

Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest /

This dish is the only time drinking white wine at the grill is not only acceptable but encouraged. Get the recipe.

4. No meat lover can resist sweet and savory Korean BBQ chicken:

Courtesy of Eat the Love /

You can taste that sticky-finger glory just by looking at it. Get the recipe.

5. Steak au poivre is a fancy dish for any grill master turning gourmand:

Courtesy of She Wears Many Hats /

And it involves cognac! And fire! Get the recipe.

6. These sweet chili shrimp skewers are the sweet, sweet welcome to grilling season that you desperately need:

Courtesy of Closet Cooking /

Coconut, pineapple, and sweet 'n' spicy chili join forces in a food league of flavor. Get the recipe.

7. Crisp up some bacon-wrapped tenderloin bites for a perfect party appetizer or a main:

Courtesy of Joyful Healthy Eats /

The creamy horseradish sauce is also PRIME. Get the recipe.

8. These feta chicken burgers with red peppers and grilled halloumi will CHANGE YOU:

Courtesy of Closet Cooking /

What's better than cheese? Cheese you can grill. Get the recipe.

9. You can't go wrong grilling all-beef hot dogs dripping with sweet and savory honey BBQ sauce:

Courtesy of The Food Charlatan /

Don't hate on the cuts — they allow the sauce to infiltrate the dog. Onions highly recommended Get the recipe.

10. Backyard barbecue guests dream about these venison, bacon, and poblano wraps:

Courtesy of Jess Pryles /

This dish, from hardcore carnivore Jess Pryles, is like the jalapeño popper's older, effortlessly cool sibling. Get the recipe.

11. This coffee-rubbed cowboy steak will make your mouth say yee-haw:

Photo courtesy of Ben Fink / / Via

Why do steaks look 10,000 times more delicious when there's a bone handle sticking out of one side? Science may never know. Get the recipe.

12. These sweet pepper–stuffed cheesy chicken breasts are a seasonal sensation:

Courtesy of the Creole Contessa /

Seriously, why aren't we always stuffing chicken breasts? They aren't dry and boring when stuffed and butterflied. Get the recipe.

13. These bacon bourbon BBQ chicken skewers are not to be missed:

Courtesy of Host the Toast /

Take your two favorite things, bacon and bourbon, and then smother them on chicken and grill to perfection. Get the recipe.

14. If you really want to impress someone, serve this grilled surf 'n' turf with spicy garlic chimichurri butter:

Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest /

Check your pulse as your look at this photo. Get the recipe.

15. Finally, this Mexican chorizo and garlic shrimp burger will absolutely destroy your mouth (in the best way):

Courtesy of Lady and Pups /

We definitely must be in heaven because only in heaven can something this delicious exist. Get the recipe.

And last but not least, these Backyard BBQ ribs with Molasses BBQ Mop.

Courtesy of Weber Sauces & Seasonings

More like mop our drool off the floor. Get the recipe. For more heavenly flavors, try Weber Sauces and Seasonings.

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