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8 Times Artists With Disabilities Mastered Animal Portraits

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my! Plus dogs, cats, monkeys, and all kinds of critters. We Are Lions highlights artists with disabilities and turns their masterpieces into everyday, wearable items! Learn more about these artists and their associated nonprofit partners at Roar Loud!

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1. Willy's Lion


Willy Nicholas can do it all! Willy is a multidisciplinary artist/designer currently residing in the Mission District of San Francisco. He is empowered through creating with his hands and combats his struggles with ADD and Chronic Pain Symptoms through woodworking, welding, and ink drawings. He recently graduated from California College of the Arts in San Francisco with a focus in furniture design, and is currently working on developing a handcrafted lighting line. “Willy’s Lion” has traveled the world, thanks to his friends and fans rocking his design from his hometown of Chicago all the way to the mountains of Iceland!

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2. Windy City Pussy


Its no secret: George Zuniga is a cat person! His bright and detailed cat portraits show his exciting personality. George describes his style as Artism, a term he coined for an artist with Autism. George lives in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago and works at the Project Onward Gallery.

3. Michael's Panda


Michael, from Keshet in Chicago, says that the inspiration for his art derives from “paints and color.” When asked what he likes best about his artwork he says, “it makes me feel delighted and proud.” Michael has fans from Chicago to Australia, such as the one and only Courtney Barnett!

4. Cynthia's Monkey


Cynthia Adams is a talented artist from the Cedars of Marin in California. She particularly enjoys painting pictures and portraits of animals, especially Monkeys! Her work is bold and bright, and makes very badass T-shirt!

5. Chad's Tiger


Chad Cook is not one to keep quiet. About anything. Least of all, being an artist. Even the signature on his paintings seems proud and bold-shouting “Chad D. Cook." His work is colorful and specific!

6. African Lion


Juskie is a very talented artist who is not afraid to speak her mind. She likes to help people with their problems. Juskie likes to paint things from nature while developing new techniques. Her Lion Portrait makes for a fierce tote bag.

7. Tmima's Dove


Tmima Walschlag lives in Lincolnwood and attends Keshet in Chicago. Tmima enjoys her free time watching the Steve Harvey Show and participating on school field trips. She loves the color purple but is not a favorite of thunder storms. Her fondness for art is demonstrated in her work, and in many cases, her artwork exhibits her “love for making circles.” She reports that the best part of art class is “working with my teacher.”

8. Cedar of Marin's Dog Canvas


We saved you something special for last: a collaboration piece from the Cedars of Marin! This California non-profit art studio collected 25 individual dog portraits and created this cute and colorful masterpiece. It's not hard to see why this is one of We Are Lion's most popular pieces.

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