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13 Instagram Artists All Creatives Should Follow

No selfies, only self-portraits. Follow these Insta-Artists for your daily dose of inspiration, and join the community of creative experts and enthusiasts at WD Ventito™.

1. @mattcrump

Photographer Matt Crump calls his creations "candy-colored minimalist," and we can't think of a more apt description than that.

2. @redhongyi

3. @willbryantzplz

With its neon colors, squiggly patterns, and positivity, Will Bryant's work is a joy to behold — and his commercial illustration projects are a delight.

4. @labeltime

5. @jackieleeyoung

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Jackie Lee Young is a portrait photographer with a penchant for fashion and human nature. A true gem in the #vscocam hashtag.

6. @zaruhy

7. @huntercanning

Hunter Canning's #subwayseries gives Instagrammers a candid, monochromatic look into New York City's subway cars. Incisive and fascinating.

8. @johndeguzman

9. @nolanillustration

A gifted illustrator, Conor Nolan uses Instagram as a window into his sketchbook and imagination. Case in point: "British soldiers versus zombie Zulu warriors."

10. @patternisland

11. @migeophoto

Michael George, a freelance photographer and seasoned globe trekker, fills his feed with a wide breadth of portraits, landscapes, and urban images.

12. @thebryandale

13. @mrthomasshim

Specializing in high-contrast black and white, with an emphasis on human portraits, Thomas Shim creates powerful images from the New York metropolitan area.