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How I Became Obsessed With Magnetic Fake Eyelashes

How Fake Eye Lashes Can Give You The Most Natural Looking Beautiful Eyes

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I will tell you right now … I am OBSESSED with false eyelash extensions. However, I am NOT happy about just how much time, and effort they can take to put on. Every time I want to boost the look of my eyes, and get those ultra-thick, long lashes like the glam girls you see on magazine covers, I end up getting glue in my eyes, and the lashes end up skewed. Let me tell you though, that has never stopped me from applying a set of store-bought falsies to my lashes. In fact, I could probably be called by my closest friends, a lash junkie. It’s only because I simply LOVE the look of full, beefy eyelashes. You know the ones I’m talking about – the kind that the Kardashian sisters wear. The one’s that are so long, and thick that you can bat, and flutter them flirtatiously at anyone you like to instantly create lash envy.

So, you can probably guess that when I heard about the magnetic lash extensions developed by One Two Cosmetics I was thrilled. If you haven’t already heard about this, let me tell you a little bit about One Two Lash (those are the magnetic extensions I’ve been talking about). Here’s how they work … essentially One Two Lash magnetic eyelashes from One Two Cosmetics include an exclusive micro-magnetic technology that allows you to apply falsies any time, and anywhere you like! Oh just think of the possibilities. Currently, I have found that the easy application of One Two Lashes allows me to set falsies on my natural lashes in (literally) seconds when I am at the gym after a workout, when I am picking the kids up at school as I wait in the parking lot, and even when I’m just transitioning my daytime look into evening. And every time I apply a One Two Lash set of magnetic eyelashes, it’s a snap.

All joking aside, they really do apply in seconds with just a little “snap,” of the tiny magnets as they meet together, and secure the One Two Lashes in place on your natural eyelash.

When I found out about the new magnetic eyelash extensions from One Two Lash by One Two Cosmetics, I was absolutely thrilled to say the least. And so, as any normal millennial would do, I started taking selfies with the One Two Lashes pretty much any place I could think of to show people just how natural looking they were, and how easy looking effortlessly pretty could be. It’s actually pretty funny now when I think about it, because I was taking pictures of myself in the strangest places, and all I could think to myself was, “I can't believe I’m wearing false eyelash extensions here!” But I was. I wore my set of One Two Lash magnetic extensions to the grocery store, my daughters play dates, and even on my way home from the gym. They are so easy to apply, there was simply no reason NOT to always have these high-glam lashes on. So ... I wore them!

And when I did, I got a huge response from people including my family, friends, and even co-workers who wanted to hear about the hot new micro-magnetic technology from One Two Cosmetics. So, I want to answer some of the most commonly asked questions by my followers on social media sites where I posted all of my selfies, like Facebook, and Instagram.

How do One Two Lashes work?

With One Two Lash you can the glam lashes you’ve always wanted, any place you can stash the One Two Lash carrying case. Each compact hard case contains not one, but two sets of One Two Lashes, so that you always have a pair ready to go when you are. Just grab the top One Two Lash out of the case, (it’s the one without the red dot), and then gently hold it above your natural top lash. You’ll need to align the corners of the One Two Lash with the edges of your natural lash line. Then just leave the top One Two Lash there, and grab the other One Two Lash out of the case. It has a red dot on it. Hold it just below your natural lash, aligning the corners the same way you did with the top lash. And then you’ll feel the micro-magnets go to work. As they pull close, allow them to snap together. Then you may need to blink a few times to get them in place, but that’s it! Putting on magnetic fake eyelashes from One Two Lash is really THAT easy … I told you it was a snap.

Can One Two Lashes damage my eyelashes?

One Two Cosmetics’ new magnetic eyelashes are unlike any other lash extension you can buy today because they do not require sticky glue, or adhesive of any kind. So, there is never any question if they will damage your natural lashes. Because there is no glue, there is no tearing, and no chemical damage to the natural hairs of your eyelashes. It really is a BIG win for us glam girls. If you know anything about gluing on false eyelashes, you already know that it is almost impossible to get the lashes set in one try, and usually it takes more like 2-3 re-placement attempts to get the fake lashes securely set. The repositioning is usually what causes the most damage, and with One Two Lash there is never a worry about that.

Who should wear One Two Lash magnetic eyelashes?

If you are not a high-glam girl like me, you may not even have any interest in false lashes. I know that before I fell in love with longer lashes, I really had no desire to try them, but once I applied my first set of falsies I knew I was hooked. However, over time I realized that glamorous eyes like those you can get with One Two Lashes come at a price, and so now that I am OBSESSED, I want to share the fact that anyone can wear these exclusive magnetic eyelashes from One Two Cosmetics. If you have short lashes – that’s ok! You can trim any set of One Two Lashes to fit your eye shape, and style needs. There really is nobody that can’t get away with these everyday falsies.

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Can I afford a set of One Two Lash magnetic lash extensions?

For people who have never worn a full set of faux eyelashes, magnetic falsies may not sound like too big of a deal. But they are! Did you know that just one trip to the eyelash salon can cost anywhere between $150-200.00? And that’s just for the first sitting. Then you have to return to the lash specialist to get them adjusted (which they call a “fill” at the salon) in order to keep up with the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. This can end up costing upwards of $300.00 a month just to keep the lashes looking fresh, and natural. Who could keep up with that price tag?!

Every set of One Two Lashes from One Two Cosmetics (like I said earlier) contains two separate lash sets. And they are washable, and reusable so you never have to worry about going bare without your glam lashes. You can just rinse away any dirt, grime, or makeup, and let the One Two Lashes dry to wear another day. Over time, each One Two Lash set only ends up costing pennies per wear. As soon as I realized that, I stopped buying all other types of store-bought lashes immediately.

Now, any time I want to wear falsies I just snap on a set of One Two Lashes, and you know … it’s ended up also saving me money on makeup too. Now that I have One Two Lash magnetic extensions, I hardly ever wear eye makeup. I’ve virtually tossed aside liners, and shadow, and now all I need to get the dolled up look I want is a set of One Two Lash extensions.

Can I wear makeup with One Two Lash magnetic extensions?

YES! You can, and there are so many different lash looks you can create with a set. You can add mascara, shimmer, or even crystals to take your look to the next level. Or, you can also wear a set of One Two Lash extensions bare. It’s up to you, but the one thing I will tell you about these falsies is that they’re not 100% like other full-length eyelash extensions because they do not cover the entire natural lash line from end to end. Because of this, One Two Lash extensions don’t end up poking you in the eye, or irritating the area around your eye with the sharp edge they have. The ends of One Two Lash extensions do not reach the sensitive edge area of your eye, and so you have to add a little mascara to the interior section of your natural lashes to blend them, but afterwards they look just like they are growing right out of your own lash line.

Are One Two Lash magnetic eyelash extensions heavy?

When you apply One Two Lash magnetic extensions for the first time you can tell that they are on, but after a few times wearing them you barely notice you have lash extensions on. Now that I have worn One Two Lashes by One Two Cosmetics for a few weeks, I honestly don’t even realize when I have them on sometimes any more. It’s really like they are just my own lashes, and I can wear them confidently because of that.

What type of One Two Lashes should I get?

There is a set of One Two Lashes for everyone. The exclusive line of magnetic eyelash extensions from One Two Cosmetics includes these three styles:

1. Original Lash. This set of One Two Lashes is ideal for people who want to have more luscious lashes, but with a realistic appeal. Original Lashes from One Two Lash work any time, from daywear to evening.

2. Bold Lash. If you really want to get thicker lashes, the Bold Lash from One Two Lash is the set for you! These ultra-thick false eyelashes give you the intensity you want, and the lash envy you crave.

3. Accent Lash. For a naturally flirty look, get the Accent Lash from One Two Lash! The way they lift up at the corners is gives your look a fun, flirty feel.

Are you ready to try the first ever glue-free false eyelashes? Made exclusively for One Two Cosmetics these lashes are the last falsies you’ll ever need!

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