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7 Times Black Celebs Made Us Proud To Be Black

A list of our proudest moments

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1) When Diamond White put an end to "You sure you're just black?"

The 17 year old singer addressed issues she has faced with race in a YouTube video

2) When Yara Shadi defined cool

Tara Shadi who stars as Zoey on Blackish always knows what's cool

3) When Amandla Stenburg reminded us of the importance of role models

In her acceptance speech at Black Girls Rock the young star spoke of how she learned to love her skin color

4) When Jessica Williams shed light on the stand your ground law

The star of The Daily Show is known for eloquently and wittily addressing issues in America regarding the black lives

5) When Michael Jackson reminded us that he "aint scared of no sheets"

Michael Jackson continually used his large platform to speak up for those who were often silenced

6) When Solange and Janelle Monae reminded us of the importance of sisterhood in the black power movement

While at Coachella the two stars shared their support for the black power movement

7) When Viola Davis defined new segregation

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