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11 Freshmen Bonding Moments That Will Make You Nostalgic For College

Time to unpack your bags, hang some posters on the walls, and head out onto your dorm floor in search of your new BFF.

1. Sharing and comparing your music tastes and fave bands.

2. Taking about a billion selfies together at school events.

3. Sharing deliciously distinctive recipes from your family or hometown.

4. Spending quiet afternoons shooting hoops at the gym.

5. Doubling your wardrobe by raiding each other's closets.

6. Keeping each other awake to study all night before midterms.

7. Being front row to support each other's artistic endeavors.

8. Decorating your dorm with tons of keepsakes and photos of your BFFs.

9. Getting paired with each other on class projects.

10. Collabing on late-night ramen recipes in your dorm room.

11. Sharing in all the happiness and joy your college years can bring.

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The close-knit community at Washington College is truly unique. Students, faculty, and staff all support each other. From sports to performances, you never feel alone here, and the bonds you make at Washington College will last a lifetime. You’re gonna love this place!

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