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16 Reasons Living On The Chesapeake Bay Ruins You For Life

If you need us, we'll just be watching this sunset on this dock forever until we die, okay?

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4. The quality of crabs anywhere else in the world is going to be disappointing to you.

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It's a huge letdown when you learn that, in other parts of the country, you can't just drop a net off a dock to catch your dinner.

5. And when restaurants off the bay serve crabs on fancy plates instead of newspaper, you'll be like, "You're just compensating for bad crabs, dude."

9. It’s really easy to forget just how deep the history runs here.

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"So this is where George Washington resigned his military commission as Commander in Chief of the Army in 1783? Incredible!" —people not from the Chesapeake Bay

"Party on West Street tonight. You going?" —people from the Chesapeake Bay

Count yourself lucky if you get to live near the Chesapeake Bay once in your life. Count yourself luckier if you get to spend four years of college on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Washington College's location along the Chester River near the Bay is perfect for anyone who wants to live and learn in this fantastic region.

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