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12 Moves To Help You Train For A Mud Run

If you want a leg up before an obstacle race and choose to train, incorporate these exercises into your workouts! Then put them to the test and impress yourself at a Warrior Dash near you!


- Aim to work out about three days a week.

- Check out these stretches to ensure that you stay limber.

- Remember to pace yourself, and have fun!

1. Chair Dips


Focus on your triceps so it's easier to lift yourself up and over climbing obstacles. If you're an overachiever, double up on tricep work with a kickback (left) and chair dips (right).

2. Push-Ups


New to push-ups? Ease yourself into them with the modification on the left. Then focus on form and balance with a BOSU ball (right).

3. Lunges


Mud Runs have varied terrain. Do a couple simple leg reps to make it a breeze! If you're looking to add more difficulty to your lunge, make it a circuit (right).

4. Planks


Planks can help with stability and are simple to learn. Plus, they'll widdle away your core. You can do them flat on the floor or add a BOSU ball (right) to make it even more challenging.

5. Medicine Ball Sit-Ups

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Using a medicine ball will help increase your range of motion and reach more muscles than a traditional floor sit-up. If you're looking for an extra challenge, hold dumbbells in your hands to add weight.

6. Leg Lift Glute Bridge

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Grab a couple friends and do this core-widdling workout. It'll help you with running and jumping over obstacles, and your friends will help keep you motivated.

7. Jump Rope

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Jumping rope does wonders to help increase your endurance, which can put you ahead of the game in an obstacle race. Start yourself off with five minutes of jump roping.

8. Bicycle Crunches

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Target every part of your abs with this workout to help stabilize you during your run.

9. Burpees


Burpees are a full-body workout great for cardiovascular, toning, and endurance. Plus, you can do them anywhere!

10. Calf Raises


Help strengthen calves and ankles with this simple workout that'll help you climb over any obstacle. Couple it with running upstairs to amp up the workout.

11. Mountain Climbers


Mountain climbers can help you with agility, balance, and coordination.

12. Run

This one's simple, but most obstacle races have a running component. Schedule your runs three times a week, outside if possible, and be sure that you don't increase your distance by more than 10% each week.

Regardless of your fitness level, grab some friends and put these moves to work at a Warrior Dash near you!

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