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12 Year Old Makes Highly Sexual Animation (OFFENSIVE)

I've been looking around youtube for small time youtubers who need recognition. Sadly, I found an irresponsible young child on youtube, BARELY old enough to have an account. They have been giving their young subscribers horribly offensive images.

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I find that content like this is disgusting and infecting our own youth. My co-workers don't even know what their own children are watching on this site! Let alone MAKING on this site?

As a mother of three children, I try my best to supervise what they watch and view on the internet. However, my children are growing up much faster than the children of last generation. My mother would never let me get away with this, even if I did have access to the internet. And to think that a young child put in the time and effort to make this just outrages me! The fact that children disobey their parents and sneak in this type of content onto the internet is just disrespectful and rude to the discipline that their parents have put in. It is obvious that this pre-teen was trying to lure in other kids their username, 'Fooptoot.' It sounds so innocent and thoughtless, yet has spat out tons of disrespectful content!

All I hope is that from this article, this child and their parents learn how to communicate better in order to prevent this type of content from appearing again.

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