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10 Unique Foods Canadians Love That The Rest Of The World Needs To Try ASAP

Wanna stop by Tim Hortons for a latt-eh?

1. Poutine

2. Nanaimo Bars

3. Ketchup Chips

4. Timbits

5. Montreal Bagels

A close-up of three Montreal-style bagels sit on top of a wooden table. Montreal-style bagels look thin but are covered in sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

6. Montreal-Style Smoked Meat

A close-up of a Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich, which kind of looks like pastrami, and is covered in mustard. It sits up on a white glass plate, on top of a red-and-white printed diner menu.

7. Butter Tarts

8. Coffee Crisp

9. Pouding Chômeur

10. And last but not least, Beaver Tails