Actor/Producer , Parkour/ Freerunner, and full time ZOMBIE HUNTER!
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  • Spiderman 3D PARKOUR FAIL

    The Amazing Spiderman looks at himself in 3D Glasses…..Watch as he does Parkour and fails in epic spidey fashion. I promised you epic stupidity and boy do I deliver. Watch Spiderman hang off of a building….sort of. Watch him climb a not so high stop light. Watch him not really make out with Mary Jane. Watch him get screwed out of creating a billion dollar social network…..wait thats Andrew Garfield…..Eduardo….whatever. Spiderman: Walter Masterson The other Spiderman: Basilio Mary Jane: Hailey Heisick Director/DP: Gall Friedman Editor: Harry Glennon SUB for more FUNNY INSTAGRAM: waltermasterson Check out my trolling of Celebrities with my GOOGLE GLASSES Check out how to replace Kardashian with SH**

  • Larry King Gets Trolled With Google Goggles Using my Google Glasses I take Project Glass to a new level of awkwardness….. SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW This is me with my Google Glasses at the Friars Club Roast of Betty White….. You can see clips of me being awkward with Oscar Nunez from The Office Dominic Chianese from The Sopranos Regis Philbin and Larry King ( I almost kiss him ) thanks to my awesome peeps for making it happen Shooter : Miguel Mungia Editor: Harry Glennon Seriously though…..Larry King is making a fat comeback on Check it out if you don’t believe me. See my other videos How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Owen Wilson How to Make a Kardashian aka Kardashian = Sh** Category: Comedy Tags: walter masterson oscar nunez larry king dominic chianese regis philbin betty white friars club roast google google glasses google goggles glasses goggles goggles google License: Standard YouTube License

  • Kim Kardashian Kanye West Sex Tape

    Please Like/ Favorite Comment Subscribe! Kim and Kanye sell out once again and make a sex tape… they present… Kimya! Special Thanks Kevin Arbouet - Kanye Daniel - Location Frank - Directed Walter Masterson David Campfield - Edited and Inspired by Category: People & Blogs Tags: Kardashian homevideo ags: liv films livfilms sexy jed mona gillen funny comedy girls sketch parody spoof drunk hidden camera silent reality sell buy free married marriage License: Standard YouTube License 196 likes, 149 dislikes

  • How Paranormal Should Really Look

    Please Like and Favorite! :) Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer feat: Lauren Francesca Nothing is as frightening… as when nothing happens Click here to ask me a question for the next challenge!!!!! See Lauren Francesca as Lauren Francesca in “The Lauren Francesca Challenge”! In the debut installment find out of Lauren can curl 100 pounds and catch a bullet between her teeth. Written and directed by Dave Campfield (Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre). Credits: Lauren as Lauren, John Loscalzo as John, Cheryl Martin as Cheryl, and Joe Winchell as the lovable voice over guy. 
 Written, Directed and Edited by: Dave Campfield Director of Photography: Stephen Bodi Produced by: John Loscalzo, Stephen Bodi, Walter Masterson Music: Kevin MacLeod See Lauren’s new show on Barely Political, The Key of Awesome were she plays Space Girl

 Lauren’s Channel 
 and Category: Comedy Tags: Lauren francesca aranormal Activity Paranormal III Trailer Teaser Official Theatrical Preview Review Ghost Ghosts Haunted Scary Making Caught Official Trailer Trailer (promotion) Spirit Tape Spirits License: Standard YouTube License

  • Owen Wilson Shows You A Non Human Alternative To Eating Human Brains

    For more OWEN WILSON click here For tips on how to replace SH*T with Kardashian click here Hi I am Owen Wilson, and I just got infected by radiation. I am not worried about my career at all, I have the nose of a bad armenian boxer, however I still got to play the supermodel Hansel in Zoolander. Now that I am a zombie I feel it is my civic duty to show you a healthy non-vegan non-human alternative to eating human brains. If you get infected you no longer have to viciously murder your friends , neighbors and relatives. Isn’t that great? Watch this simple cooking video and I will show you how to simply cook a healthy alternative to eating human brains. Now you can have plants and zombies peacefully co-existing in nature. I like plants, even though I am a zombie. SUBSCRIBE TO ME FOR MORE FUNNY!!! Follow me on Twitter and Facebook Category: Comedy Tags: owen wilson owen wilson movies zombies zombie brains how to eat human brains eat brains plants and zombies zombies vs plants plant zombie zombie game zombie movie zombie parkour

  • Hot Girl EPIC FAIL

    Lauren slides over the edge of a las Vegas Fountain while trying to look sexy. Was so gross! See Lauren’s new show on Barely Political, The Key of Awesome were she plays Space Girl Lauren’s Channel FACEBOOK Twitter @laurenfrancesca Category: Travel & Events Tags: Falling Fail funny fountain NAB vegas mirage gambling stupid hot girls

  • How To Make A Kim And Khloe Kardashian…..A Guide

    Watch how I show you how to replace “Bathroom” or “SH**” with KARDASHIAN. You would be surprised at how easy this substitution is. SUB me for MORE Comedy Check out last weeks sketch ” How to Become Owen Wilson in *5 Easy Steps ” By : Walter Masterson and Ian Massey Shooter: Miguel Mungia Editor: Harry Glennon Keeping Up with the Kardashians is hard. But now it can be incredibly easy. Here are some helpful ways. Instead saying ” I took a huge sh** ” say 1. I took the biggest Kardashian 2. I dropped the Kardashians off at the pool 3. My Kardashian was so large it wouldn’t flush the first time Also remember that nobody likes to hear about Kardashians while eating. If your friends are eating please don’t talk about Kardashian. The other week a friend of mine texted me a picture of the Kardashians while I was enjoying a meal and I almost threw up. walter masterson, kardashians, keeping up with the kardashians, the kardashian, who is kardashian, kardashian kim, with the kardashians, kardashian sex tape, kardashian tape, the kardashians the kardashians, kardashian s, kardashian khloe, kim kardashian wedding, with the kardashians, with kardashians, keeping up the the kardashians, keeping it up for the kardashians, how to become owen wilson in 5 easy steps,

  • How To Become OWEN WILSON In *5 Easy Steps

    Watch how I transform myself into Owen Wilson in 60 seconds. SUB AND FOLLOW ME Owen Wilson is an awesome man. We all loved him in Midnight in Paris, Wedding Crashers, Shanghai Noon and a ton of others…..By following these simple steps I will show you how to completely transform yourself into the man , the myth and the legend that is Owen Wilson. Step 1: Get yourself blonde hair with streaks. You need to look like you hit the surf at dawn every day. Use a wig if necessary. Step 2: Completely cut off all of the air going through your nose. It is very important that air does not make it through your nose. Also tape your nostrils and flare them from the side. Step 3: Getting his voice down is tricky enough. If you are having problems have a friend or random stranger kick you in the balls. Step 4: You are not allowed to move your mouth when you speak. If you move your mouth in the slightest you have failed at becoming Owen Wilson. I know what a Herculean task this is, so just suck on a lemon. Step 5: Be extremely upbeat and earnest with any subject or anything that life throws at you. How many pictures of Owen Wilson do you see of him frowning? Not many. Be upbeat and earnest. Stay hungry stay foolish in your quest to be Owen. Follow these simple steps and you will be well on your way to becoming the man who played Hansel in Zoolander. owen wilson, how to become, how to be owen wilson, 5 easy steps, midnight in paris, new and latest movies, latest new movies, who is owen wilson, owen wilson owen wilson, owen and wilson, movies by owen wilson, movies of owen wilson, movies with owen wilson, owen wilson movies, owen wilson movie, walter masterson Category: Comedy Tags: owen wilson how to become how to be owen wilson 5 easy steps midnight in paris new and latest movies latest new movies who is owen wilson owen wilson owen wilson owen and wilson movies by owen wilson movies of owen wilson movies with owen wilson owen wilson movies owen wilson movie walter masterson

  • How To Be A Working Actor *promo Teaser Are you interested in becoming a working actor? My new web series HOW TO BE A WORKING ACTOR premieres this month. Edited by: Frank Barranca Learn how to Get seen for TV/ and Film Prepare for auditions Book your auditions Make friends and deal with the hustle of being a full time working actor. Get into SAG ( Screen Actors Guild ) SUBSCRIBE for MORE So whether or not you are an actor or actress ( I refer to both men and women as ACTORS ), I will show you through my own experience how to be an actor. Be a working actor. walter masterson, lauren francesca, how to be a working actor, working actor, actors, the actors, be a actor, the actor, an actor, how to be a actor, be an actor, how to be an actor, actress, how to be an actress, how to be a actress, SAG, movie actor, actors casting, casting actors, best actor, Category: Entertainment Tags: walter masterson lauren francesca how to be a working actor working actor actors the actors be a actor the actor an actor how to be a actor be an actor how to be an actor actress how to be an actress how to be a actress SAG movie actor actors casting casting actors best actor jackie moore girls guide to depravity cinemax License: Standard YouTube License

  • The Best Epic Meal Time Parodies

    Epic GAGA Time : Epic Meal Time Valentines Day Parody HEALTHY MEAL TIME! (epic meal time parody) Vegan Meal Time (Epic Meal Time Parody) RACIST MEAL TIME- ASIANS EPIC DOUCHE TIME (Epic Meal Time Parody)

  • How To Destroy An iPhone 4S *shocking

    I tried to crack the screen of my IPhone 4s. What happened next is shocking! See the original sketch here Iphone vs Blackberry - The McCallisters Episode 1 SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW ME for more COMEDY ! Thanks to Lauren Francesca , Zombie Perez , Patrick Gannon , Thomas Merry , all for helping shoot this video as well as the original sketch edited by: Chris Daker Thought this video would serve as a counterpart to the whole NOKIA is indestructable unbreakable campaign. No need for a protective Iphone case on these. Ifone, i fone, app store, 3gs, ipone, iphone3, iph, ipone 4, i phone4, ipho, iphone2, iphine, hiphone, ihpone, ihone, phone 4, iphne, ipohne, ipohone, i phon, ephone, iphon4, ipone4, i pone, ihone 4, compare mobile phones, nokie n8, which mobile phone, email to mobile, n8 vs., phone 4 16gb, internet by mobile, about nokia, on nokia, is nokia, a nokia, nokia with, nokia and Category: Comedy Tags: iphone 4s iphone blackberry nokia indestructable nokia ipad3 ipad 3 walter masterson Ifone i fone app store 3gs ipone iphone3 iph ipone 4 i phone4 ipho iphone2 iphine hiphone ihpone ihone phone 4 iphne ipohne ipohone i phon ephone iphon4 ipone4 i pone ihone 4 compare mobile phones nokie n8 which mobile phone email to mobile n8 vs. phone 4 16gb internet by mobile about nokia on nokia is nokia a nokia nokia with nokia and License: Standard YouTube License

  • iPhone Vs Blackberry - The McCallisters Episode 1

    The Blackberry has been in this family for 7 Generations of McCallisters SUBSCRIBE for more Comedy Directed by : Patrick Gannon Produced by : Lauren Francesca Assoc Prod: Thomas Merry Grip: Zombie Perez Thanks to Harry Glennon for sick editing Father: Walter Masterson Son: Walter Masterson Mother: Walter Masterson Written by: Ross Mihalko and Walter Masterson Check out my other sketch Holy Traffic Stop Batman - Batman Gets Pulled Over On March 21, at 10:47 a.m., Montgomery County Police (Maryland) stopped Batman for not displaying his license plate. When Batman showed officers the plate IN his car, they let him fly - after a picture or two. They did not want to make him late for an appearance for kids at a local hospital ery County Police Traffic Stop Batman Lamborghini batman gets pulled over batman and robin car chase stop sign traffic ticket dui ticket driving tickets in california dui ticket cost batmobile dark night Philadelphia channel news Category: Comedy Tags: walter masterson iphone iphone 4s indestructable nokia how to destroy an iphone 4s blackberry blackberry bold arbahsegolesrim agoncreative sketch comedy ipad 3 ipad3 iphone4s i cracked my iphone apple cell phone

  • BATMAN Gets Pulled Over *PARODY

    Batman Gets Pulled Over *PARODY SUBSCRIBE for more comedy Thanks to Ross for writing and doing the VO Original video and description below On March 21, at 10:47 a.m., Montgomery County Police (Maryland) stopped Batman for not displaying his license plate. When Batman showed officers the plate IN his car, they let him fly - after a picture or two. They did not want to make him late for an appearance for kids at a local hospital Category: Comedy Tags: Montgomery County Police Traffic Stop Batman Lamborghini batman gets pulled over batman and robin car chase stop sign traffic ticket dui ticket driving tickets in california dui ticket cost batmobile dark night Philadelphia channel news License: Standard YouTube License

  • The REAL Meaning Of MPH - Original PARODY

    Lauren Francesca parodies “The Real Meaning of MPH” video. This is the actual quote from the original video Thank you to Mr. Travis and Melissa Chambers You can find him on Twitter @travis_chambers Below is the actual quote from their video description Thank you for those of you that have been understanding, positive and supportive through the experience of the unplanned, unintended, and unsought public attention we’ve received for the viral YouTube video. Our relationship has been strengthened by this experience and we encourage anyone with questions to view Good Morning America and our future posts. We’re not exactly sure where we will go with the public attention yet but we welcome suggestions. We certainly never wanted to become notorious but when life gives you rotten cabbage sometimes you just might be able to make lemonade :) We have created a Page on Facebook, ‘Travis and Chelsea Chambers’ Much love, Lauren and Julie Thank you JULIE for helping me shoot this at the last minute STALK LAUREN Also check out my previous parody of the Hunger Games movie Also check out the new video with Jack Douglass of Jacksfilms DUDE MOUNTAIN Category: Comedy Tags: real meaning of mph woman math 80 solves solving real authentic original travis and melissa lauren francesca arbahsegolesrim agoncreative Category: Comedy Tags: real meaning of mph woman math 80 solves real authentic original travis and melissa travis and melissa chambers lauren francesca arbahsegolesrim agoncreative

  • Autotune TheReplyGirl

    This is a fan video from the awesome XxDanielson742xX Subscribe to him here Watch original video here The Reply Girl Responds to Algorithim Change Tribute to Alejandra Gaitain STALK LAUREN Check out my new Space Girl Web Series with Key of Awesome Category: Comedy Tags: lauren francesca alejandra gaitain thereplygirl arbahsegolesrim agoncreative key of awesome reply videos License:

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