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18 Holiday Gift Ideas From Walmart For Everyone On Your List

From a science kit to a new blender to a foot spa, get everything you need in one place.

1. A DIY jewelry kit for the crafty kid who loves to make things.

the crystal-growing kit

2. A bubbling foot spa that'll help the person who's always on their feet unwind.

the foot spa with water in it

3. A toaster oven that can also air-fry for the cooking enthusiast (or the person who doesn't have an oven).

toaster oven with fries, burgers and chicken wings inside. outside on the kitchen counter there's a burger, beer and carrot sticks.

4. A pair of cozy pull-on boots for the person whose feet are always cold.

pair of boots from the side

5. A coffee machine for the coffee lover in your life.

person holding a mug next to the keurig

6. A sparkling beverage maker for the person who likes their water ~spicy~.

the sodastream on a table with a glass of raspberry drink next to it

7. A multipurpose grill that'll make quick and easy meals for the person who values convenience.

8. A mini basketball hoop for the little athlete.

kids placing the ball in the hoop

9. An instant camera for the person who loves to document everything.

the polaroid with some photos and a slice of dessert with fruit loops on it

10. A pair of wireless earbuds for the person who's always curating playlists.

the earbuds in the case

11. A powerful multi-blade blender for the smoothie and soup lover.

the blender with fruit and ice in it

12. A sports camera for the thrill-seeker who's always on an adventure.

the camera

13. A chemistry set for the kid who loves science (and gross things).

the cover of the box of the set with eyeballs in beakers and a brain

14. A Nintendo Switch for the on-the-go gamer.

15. A Paw Patrol police cruise chaser for the cartoon-crazed kid you know.

16. Some kinetic sand for the sensory activity–loving little one.

kids playing with the kinetic sand

17. An interactive walking toy for the child who's been begging for a pet.

the dragon toy

18. And finally, a stylish doll and accessory kit for the mini fashionista in your life.

the doll next to the packaging

Make holiday shopping easier by visiting Walmart to cross everyone off your list at once.