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We Want To Hear About The Food Traditions That Bring Your Family Together

If there's a food tradition that brings your family together, we want to hear all about it! Walmart is the one-stop shop for all your Game Day traditions.

Celebrations — like holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries — bring people together. And this season, people are getting together for Game Day as safely as they can!

We all know Game Day isn’t just for the sports or the halftime shows or the super-entertaining commercials. No, people also come for the food.

Maybe you go to Game Day parties just to have a bite of your uncle’s super famous 7-layer nachos.

Or maybe you’re looking forward to feasting on the delicious Game Day spreads, from buffalo chicken wings to cheesy potatoes.

So yes, for some households, Game Day foods bring their family together, but we want to hear about YOUR food traditions, specifically the dishes that bring people to YOUR home.

Maybe it’s the spamsilog breakfast that has your friends coming over for brunch.

Or maybe it’s your cousin’s coal-grilled chicken barbeque that gets the family together for Game Day.

Perhaps the latkes your grandma makes has the grandchildren flocking to her home.

We want to know what delicious dish has been bringing your loved ones together and the story behind them — so drop your responses in the comments below!

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