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7 Ways A Walmart+ Membership Can Be Your Personal Shopper When You Have Zero Time

Sit back and let Walmart+ do all the grocery shopping for you, without stepping foot in a store.

You ever feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day? With all the stuff you have going on, it's getting harder and harder to squeeze in shopping errands.

One solution: training your dog to do those errands for you. A more likely solution: signing up for a Walmart+ membership, which is pretty darn close to having your own personal shopper!

Mother and daughter carrying Walmart grocery bags

Here are all the ways this membership can help you out when you're pressed for time:

1. Delivering supplies while you're busy cleaning or doing other chores around the house.

2. Bringing you replacements for any gadgets that might unexpectedly break right when you need them most.

Walmart boxes of items

3. Acting as your next-door neighbor when you need to borrow a cup of sugar.

A woman's hands holding a phone with the Walmart app open

4. Helping you create the perfect shopping list so you don't get distracted and walk out of the store with everything but the thing you went in for.

A Walmart bag that says "Walmart+" and has produce, dog food, and tissues visible

5. Offering a scan & go feature, which basically turns your phone into a tiny, personal cashier.

illustration of phone scanning tag

6. Making sure you get a great price on gas.

illustration of car at gas station

7. Offering free shipping on all orders with NO minimum.

Once you sign up, you'll realize how convenient shopping can be. Start your 15-day free trial today!

Bag of groceries with Walmart branding