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18 Things To Wear The Next Time Someone Takes You Out To The Ballgame

Don't forget to buy some peanuts!

1. A classic New York Yankees T-shirt to throw on before you hop on the subway to head to the stadium. It's also a NY-resident wardrobe staple.

2. A New York Mets hat for shielding your eyes from the sun during the last few innings. The sunset is beautiful...but you're trying to see this game.

3. A Baltimore Orioles sweatshirt you can throw over your blouse on a chillier-than-usual game night.

4. A pair of Chicago Cubs crew socks, because truly dedicated fans support even in the tiniest of ways. It's all in the details!

5. An LA Dodgers Cody Bellinger jersey since your kid has been begging for one since the season started. They can't show up to a game without proper attire!

6. An Atlanta Braves T-shirt that'll keep you cool on hot summer afternoons when temps are way above comfortable.

7. And a cap to complete the full supportive fan look.

8. A Houston Astros José Altuve jersey that'll be easy to throw in your bag in the morning since you're heading to the game straight from work.

9. A St. Louis Cardinals hat you'll be proud to rep as you're cheering from the stands.

10. Or a racerback tank when you're trying to work on your summer tan through nine innings. Forget the beach.

11. A pinstripe New York Yankees Aaron Judge jersey, because there's no better way to pay tribute to your favorite player.

12. An Oakland Athletics Matt Chapman jersey that you can put on over a button-up and tie, so you don't have to miss the first inning waiting in the bathroom line to change.

13. A Boston Red Sox 2018 Word Series T-shirt because you're all about showcasing the fact that your team is the standing champ. And since you're counting down the days to the next series....

14. A Miami Marlins T-shirt to keep in your desk drawer, just in case you get that late-in-the-day invite. You definitely can't pass up on that, obviously.

15. A pinstripe New York Mets Noah Syndergaard jersey, because you've been a fan since day one and wanna rep some unconditional player love.

16. A Colorado Rockies flat-brim hat if you're the subdued fan who doesn't like to wear jerseys, but still wants to support in a more minimal way.

17. A Minnesota Twins long-sleeve shirt that'll take you into the fall season perfectly. Ah, brisk September nights.

18. And for the superfan — a Chicago Cubs watch that'll really show off just how dedicated you are.

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