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Reset This New Year For Less With Walmart

It’s the new year, the perfect time for a reset. You can get everything you need for less at Walmart. So ring it in!

1. This Centr Fitness Essentials Kit gives you everything you need to jump-start a fitness journey, including support — a three-month subscription to Centr, Chris Hemsworth’s digital wellness platform.

the fitness essentials kit

2. This Pen+Gear Paperboard Office Desktop Organizer will help you get your desk in order. Or maybe your coffee table, if you work from home! Stick your pens in and feel that first flush of success.

the desktop organizer

3. Just this one Method Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner makes starting the year with a clean house simple.

the antibacterial cleaner

4. And this Everlast 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit is also a very entertaining way to relieve stress and frustration.

the heavy bag kit

5. This soothing lavender Equate Epsom Salt is the perfect addition to a relaxing soak. And yes, a bath is a legitimate part of a reset. Just because it’s wonderful doesn’t mean it’s not necessary.

bag of epsom salt

6. The lightweight, rechargeable, Spa Sciences NANO MISTER PLUS is perfect on the go to wake up your skin and also hydrate your skin's base layer. Because self-care goes from your head….

the moisture cream

7. ...to your toes. With this Equate Massage Foot Bath you can soothe your feet and soak away your day.

the foot bath

8. And this soft, comfy Joyspun Pajama Set will help you keep your work-life balance. Or hey, just work in them too. Why not?

A woman wearing a pair of long sleeve Joyspun pajamas

9. And these Quest Tortilla Style Protein Chips are perfect for hanging out with friends. Which also qualifies as wellness!

the protein chips

All images courtesy of Walmart.

Happy New Year's reset! Don’t let that word intimidate you. You can reset your life in so many ways. And at Walmart, it doesn’t cost a ton. Check out Walmart to find other great ways to start.