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16 Products From Walmart To Help You Throw The Ultimate Valentine’s Spa Day

Why bother with flowers when you can have bath bombs?

1. A Smile Direct Club Whitening Kit with an LED light and a 6-month supply you and your bestie can use to brighten your pearly whites before taking the cutest V-Day selfies ever.

2. A Dove gift set complete with moisturizing body wash, pomegranate body polish, and a pouf to leave everyone's skin smooth and silky for their late-night V-Day plans.

3. Or an Axe gift set for anyone in your squad who prefers a muskier scent for date night.

4. A velvet skin scrub made with purple rice water you can slather on before starting your DIY mani/pedis with your friends.

5. Exfoliating Dove body polish to scrub away any thoughts of your exes while also banishing your dry winter skin for good.

6. An Old Spice collection including beard wash, oil, balm, and conditioner that'll convince your bearded buddy to start taking care of their facial hair once and for all. They just need a little V-Day encouragement, that's all!

7. Or a post-shave balm in case they're beard-free and want to keep their face smelling nice and free of razor burn.

8. A heart-shaped planter filled with succulents that'll act as the perfect centerpiece for your V-Day spa day.

9. An eos ultra moisturizing shave cream with a pomegranate raspberry scent you can use while taking a luxurious Valentine's Day bubble bath.

10. A shea sugar scrub from Tree Hut to make sure your body is as silky and smooth as the chocolate you and your friends are sure to be snacking on all night.

11. Argan oil and lavender infused bath bombs you and your pals can use in a pre-pedicure foot soak for the ultimate relaxation station.

12. Or Dove's milk swirls bath bombs in case you'd prefer the smell of rosewater and white chocolate wafting through the air during a well-deserved soak when your friends cancel on you last-minute (again).

13. A facial hair removal cream you and your closest pals will have no problem applying around each other during your non-romantic Valentine's Day gathering.

14. Harry's Shiso body wash featuring a refreshing scent of fresh herbs, perfect for taking a luuuuuxuriously long shower before you take on V-Day hosting duties.

15. Listerine Ready! Tabs to follow the four orders of garlic knots you and your squad just devoured in ten seconds (after letting your nails dry, of course).

16. And a lil' box of succulents you can use to channel your inner-Oprah and hand out to each of your friends as a parting gift. "You get a plant! You get a plant! Everybody gets a plaaaaant!"

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