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Join BuzzFeed And Walmart For BFF-Entine’s Day LIVE! To Have The Best Valentine's Day Ever

This Valentine’s Day, don't forget about the most important person in your life: your bestie! To celebrate, BuzzFeed and Walmart are bringing you BFF-entine’s LIVE! with fun gifts for your BFF and easy ways to celebrate together at home.

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And shop all of the Walmart goodies featured in the BuzzFeed LIVE! show below:

1. These adorable heart-shaped shades that will let you and your BFF see the world through rose-colored glasses. Literally!

Heart-shaped sunglasses with pink lenses

2. This Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Perfume for Women that makes a great gift for your bestie but smells so good, you'll want to keep it for yourself.

A pink perfume bottle with a pink poof

3. The Dove Truffles Hearts Milk Chocolate Candy in a festive heart-shaped box that's perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

A heart-shaped box of Dove Truffles Milk Chocolate Candy

4. This extremely adorable heart-shaped mini waffle maker that's a must-have for hosting a BFF brunch.

5. This Onyx Bathhouse Champagne Wishes gift set that will help you — or someone special — take self-care to a new level.

A gift bag with a pink container of foaming body scrub and a pink bath bomb

6. This soft satin sleeping mask gift set that comes with a headband, scrunchie, and pouch. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to catch up on their sleep — in the most luxurious way possible, of course!

A pink silky eye mask, scrunchie, headband, and pouch

7. This Love Is Blind party game, inspired by the hit show, that is guaranteed to spice up your next game.

A box of cards that says "Love Is Blind: The Party Game"

8. This light pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 7+ Camera that is perfect for capturing all your favorite moments with your BFFs.

A pink Fujifilm Instax mini camera and a box of film

Get these products and browse even more amazing gifts for Valentine's Day at Walmart.