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Grilled Angus Steak and Potato Wedges with Zesty Herb Butter

Bring the steakhouse home with angus ribeye steaks from Walmart!


2 angus beef rib eye steaks (about 2½–3 pounds)

Olive oil



1 pound Yukon Gold potatoes or fingerlings

Herb butter:

1 stick softened butter

6 tablespoons mixed, chopped herbs, such as parsley, chives, and oregano

½ teaspoon garlic paste or microplaned garlic

¼ teaspoon lemon zest

Pinch of salt


  1. Generously season the steaks with salt
    and pepper.
  2. Place the potatoes in a small pot and
    cover with 1 inch of water. Salt the water well and bring to a boil over
    high heat. Boil until tender when pierced with a knife, approximately 8–10
    minutes. Drain and spread out onto a baking sheet until cool enough to
  3. Preheat a gas grill to medium high.
  4. Cut the potatoes into quarters and season
    with salt and pepper. Drizzle with 2 teaspoons olive oil.
  5. Preheat a large cast-iron skillet on the
    grill. Heat for 5 minutes. Add the remaining tablespoon of olive oil to
    the pan and lay the potatoes out in a single layer. Let cook for 15–20
    minutes, without disturbing, until browned in some places.
  6. Grill the steaks for 10 minutes on each
    side, until internal temperature of 145°F (63°C). Let rest for at least 2
    minutes prior to slicing.
  7. To make the butter: Place all ingredients
    in a small bowl. Using a rubber spatula, stir all ingredients together
    until well combined.
  8. To serve: Slice the steaks and transfer
    to a platter. Dab the steaks and potatoes with room-temperature herb
    butter or, alternatively, serve with slices of herb butter from a chilled
    log. (The herb butter may be transferred to plastic wrap and shaped into a
    log. It should be wrapped well and chilled for 2 hours to be cut into
    slices for serving.)