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20 Father's Day Gifts For The Active Dad

Walmart will help your dad work out when you don’t want to.

1. A pair of sleek wireless headphones ideal for running, working in the yard, or doing any activity that would be made much better with some '80s rock tunes.

2. A 77-quart, incredibly durable cooler that'll keep food and drinks *actually* cool on all of his outdoor adventures. Camping? Check. Soccer team practices? Double check!

3. A roomy (45-liter) hiking backpack with a built-in pouch for water packs or laptops so no matter where he's going, he's always prepared.

4. A hollow foam roller to help dad recover from his workouts by promoting blood circulation and massaging hard-to-reach muscles.

5. A set of golf club "smart caddies" — Dad's new way to automatically track shots so he knows where to make improvements.

6. Adjustable dumbbells that'll save space and give him the best workout right in the comfort of his home.

7. A traditional corn hole board set so Dad can bring his competitive side from the backyard straight to the beach.

8. A three-piece cast-iron pan set that'll let Dad take his impressive cooking skills on the next camping trip so he can refuel after a long day of hiking.

9. A NutriBullet blender for whipping up post-workout smoothies that are as delicious as they are easy to make.

10. A pair of stain- and wrinkle-resistant shorts that can hold up during dad's busy schedule and still look nice at the end of the day.

11. A 136-piece, two-tray tackle box, because every fishing dad can never own too many fishing products. Everyone knows that!

12. An arm band for conveniently keeping Dad's phone and tunes with him as he runs 20 laps around the neighborhood.

13. A folding table with handy cup holders guaranteed to make the next camping trip even more relaxing and fun, especially after a grueling hike.

14. An inversion table featuring ergonomic ankle cushions and a lumbar pillow that'll help dad with any back pains and muscle soreness he's experiencing.

15. A game of Spikeball so Dad can host the ultimate backyard barbecue. Everyone is going to be at his house this summer!

16. A compact duffel (that can fold up!) to replace the old, stinky gym bag he's been carrying around for too long. Practical and useful.

17. A cooling towel perfect for long days under the sun or intense workouts.

18. A portable, stand-up propane grill — which basically means Dad will be able to whip up delicious, healthy meals for the fam on any of his outdoor journeys. Just imagine hot dogs after a day out on the water!

19. A nine-piece resistance band set complete with a door anchor and exercise chart for a quick strengthening workout Dad can do at the park, in the garage, or at the gym.

20. And lastly, a six-pair of compression socks to help reduce swelling, increase blood flow, and give your dad the best dang workout of his life.

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