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Do you love to shop? (Of course, you do!) Then you can't miss Walmart and BuzzFeed's LIVE! Shopping events coming to you all season long. Sign up here to get a text reminder when each of the live shows begins!

Intrigued and want to know more? Here's a quick preview of what's to come:

Once the holiday hustle and bustle are winding down, don't miss the "We're Snowed In LIVE! Show" on Monday, Jan 18 at 1 p.m. PST / 4 p.m. EST for winter crafts, recipes, and more.

As always, your fave BuzzFeed hosts will be dropping in to share their fave Walmart products, tips, recipes, winter 'fits, and *so* much more! And you'll be able to buy the featured Walmart products directly from the livestreams.

Woman using her laptop and drinking coffee in a home decorated for the holidays

Missed the previous live streams? There's still time to watch!

If you’re busy, busy, busy, and need a little extra last-minute help in the gift-giving department, watch our "Giftsgiving" show, featuring BuzzFeed's own Megan and Vivian, who got us all in the holiday spirit with delightful reviews of beauty and skincare gifts; toys and games; home, tech, and office gadgets; and kitchen goodies!

And, whether you're having a casual potluck or hosting your first dinner party, you'll want to check out the past live show of the best holiday party in town featuring seasonal drinks and desserts, holiday fashion inspiration, and festive crafts.

A Thanksgiving table from above

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